Markus Powell

"You cock juggling THUNDERCUNT!" - Hannibal King, "Blade Trinity"


Brave Heart – Freedom Speech
Assassin’s Creed 3 – In The Name of Freedom
We Were Soldiers – Sgt MacKenzie – Markus’s Theme
Transformers – This Is Our Fight – We Fight For Freedom

“No bloodsucker will rule over us, nor we’ll be treated like mere cattle!”


A very inspiring figure and charismatic fellow, Markus is the father of the famous Harbinger Trio. In the past he has led a multitude of operations against the armies of the undead, though the cost was great, this man will stop at nothing to attain complete freedom from the dark puppet masters of this vile world. In his latter years, he spends more time aiding and protecting his precious warrior princesses in their Hunt rather than focusing on his own. This does not however prevent him from calling upon seasoned and powerful Hunters to his cause for assistance.

Markus Powell

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