Tag: Bystander


  • Morgan Sanders

    Childhood Friend: [[:leynn-vharbinger | Leynn Harbinger]] Married to: [[:miguel-santiago | Miguel Santiago]] Rumors have it that her medical skills were on the same level that of a healer within the ranks of an Imbued Hunter. She's able to learn new …

  • Helena Ribiero

    An unusual case for a Bystander. This girl has the gift of what common people call it the "6th Sense". She's able to see and hear the spirits of dead people that hasn't crossed over onto the other side. When others see it as a gift, to her it's a fucking …

  • Kimberly Kurosaka

    * Childhood friend: [[:landen-nikandros | Landen Nikandros]] * Best friend: [[:genevieve-harbinger | Genevieve Harbinger]] Very shy and timid, Kimberly doesn't like being put on the spot nor standing out. She feels very uncomfortable around strangers …

  • Calvin Elias Santiago

    Parents: [[:miguel-santiago | Miguel Santiago]] & [[:morgan-sanders | Morgan Sanders]] Childhood Friend: [[:rachel-harbinger | Rachel Harbinger]]