Assemble Task Force 1337

#1 Team Building Exercise

Time: 2200 HRS
Mood: Annoyed
Location: G-14 Classified

Mission Impossible

“Damn! What I would do to her!” Jack cried pervertedly looking at a sports illustrated magazine with the famous Genevieve Harbinger on the front of the cover titled ‘Queen of the Beach’. “Do you think she does porn?” he added.

Jack Corwin (British)

  • Transportation Expert
    - Pulse Cannons, Robotic Limbs (R Hand, R Foot)
    - X-ray/Spy Eyes (R Optical)
    - Gills, Adrenaline Bypassers

*Likes: Cars, Girls, Boobies, Boobies, Boobies, and Boobies
*Dislikes: Pink Unicorns
*Languages: English, French, Italian, German

“Ugh! You make me sick!” Irina said with her exotic Russian accent while watching television, propped lazily on the couch.

Irina Haze (Russian)

  • Tech Expert
    - Tasers, Key/Hacking Pads
    - Video/Photo Eyes (L and R Optical)
    - Kabuki Mask Lv3, Robotic Limb (R Hand)

*Likes: Reading Erotic Novels, Computers, Ice Cream, Vodka
*Dislikes: Children
*Languages: Russian, English, French, German

“Naw man, it’s all about her younger sister Evelynn.” Darius said cooly while looking out the balcony with binoculars. “She looks like she’d be a good mother and a freak under the sheets.”

Darius Vauss (American)

  • Team Leader and H2H Expert
    - Emotion Suppressors, Adrenaline Bypassers, Rejuvenators, Pain Suppressors
    - Robotic Limbs (All Extremeties), Cyber Blades, Snake Fangs
    - Kabuki Mask Lv1

*Likes: MMA, MILFS, Fishing
*Dislikes: Supernaturals
*Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Nihongo, Arabic

“Yeah, you and your MILF fantasies. Not for me… Does she do pornography or not?” Jacked asked once again.
“No man! Trust me, I’ve looked.”
“Of course you have. Because you’re a pervert!” Irina accused.
“All men are perverts. Mostly him.” Darius laughed pointing at Jack.
“What do you think Nairobi?” Jack turns the attention to me.

Nairobi Williams (African)

  • Gunner Expert
    - Eagle/Cat Eyes (R and L Opticals)
    - Camo Skin Lv2, Robotic Limbs (L Hand, R Foot)
    - Emotion Suppressors, Rejuvenators

*Likes: Guns and Knives
*Dislikes: Watching TV
*Languages: Zulu, Dutch, English, French

I pause for a moment to think but it didn’t matter to me. “I don’t like anyone. I just do as I’m told.” I responded nonchalantly.
“Oh you’re no fun. Live a little!” he said.
“Perhaps when the time comes.”
“Social media says she’s been spotted in Vegas. We should head there once this mission is over.”
“Do what ever you want booboo.” Irina said.

A knock on the hotel door is heard and enters the final member of our team, Isabel. “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late. I just had to grab a pack of redbulls while on my way. Good for the circuits!” she cried enthusiastically while popping one open and immediately chugging it in one go.
“Jeez! You better lay off that stuff. It’ll gradually kill you.” Jack point out.
“Circuits?” I asked concerned. “When was the last tune up you had back at HQ?”
“Um… two months now?” Isable scratches her head while poking out a silly tongue.

Isabel Perez (Mexican)

  • Reconnaissance Expert
    - Thermal/Photo/Video Eyes (R and L Optical), Stethoscope Ears, Magnified Nose
    - Rejuvenators, Adrenaline Bypassers, Gills
    - Cyber Blades, Locksmith Finger, Robotic Limbs (All Extremeties)
    - Camoskin Lv3, Kabuki Mask Lv3

*Likes: Redbull, Pirates, Furries
*Dislikes: Smoking and Alcohol
*Languages: Spanish, English, Mandarin, Nihongo, Korean, Arabic

I was concerned because I was briefed that she had the most bio enhancements than any of us on our team, and she was our inside person, our infiltrator… This was the team assigned to me. We have been briefed about each other’s specialties, capabilities, and interests. Our first assignment was to build team morale and learn about each other. No secrets. No lies. No holds-bar teamwork. If we are to be an effective unit, we must learn to work together effectively.

#2 Team Building Exercise Part 2

Time: 0600 HRS
Mood: Annoyed
Location: G-14 Classified

First set of instructions given was to rendezvous at a specific location given by HQ via Benjamin Bowes, “BB”. He was Task Force 1337’s liaison and we report directly to him. So we carpooled there using Jack’s sup’d up 2015 BMW M3 which is more than I can say for someone who enjoys tinkering with vehicles. The trip was a day’s journey and we were strictly instructed to go by car for one reason and it was nothing short of fun. There was nothing to learn from one another except the fact that we were all orphans or homeless children at one point and the fact that we all had similar general training in the field of espionage. We should all be grateful towards HQ for putting roofs over our heads, putting food in our bellies even if it meant they turned us into killing machines.

“I need a drink!” Jack cried randomly.
“I second that.”
“Aye, third that!” Darius and Isabel chimed in right after.
“Eyes peeled.” I warned the team via Psi Band radio. “There’s a redhead sitting in a Prius around the corner doing who knows what. She looks a tad bit anxious like she’s about to have a panic attack.”
“She looks harmless.” Irina pointed out
“Damn! She’s cute!” Jack cried but Irina slapped him on the back of the head right before he could use his x-ray eye.
“I know your type. So predictable.” She said and marches into the bar.
“It’s okay. Women can be perverts too. Some actually have nastier minds than men.” Isabel leaned in to whisper to him. “Majority of erotic novels are written by women. So in the end, she may be more perverted than you.” she winked and walks into the bar.

So we pulled over and enter the bar. No one expected a random bar fight to occur. A man of about 6 ft, well built was sputtering something about his brother in his drunken stupor and bumps into the wrong person. Soon as we know it, a bar brawl has taken place. Task Force 1337 knew better than to get involved. It’s like SF0 common sense 101, though Darius and Isabel showed signs of wanting to throw a bit of “fisticuffs” as Jack would call it in his British lingo.

In the end, it took 4 bouncers to restrain the man that started the fight and throw him out of the bar, and that was the highlight of that night. On our way out, the redhead was gone.

The road trip was more or less awkward but everyone acted like professionals. Irina read her erotic book most of the way, Jack kept talking about Genevieve Harbinger, Isabel watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ on a fancy device similar to a smartphone, Darius talked about mission specs, and I mostly kept to myself.

“You don’t talk much do you?” Isabel asked.
“Nope. To be a professional sniper, one must be able to stay still and silent for days on end.” I explained.
“Sounds boring.”
“Yeah it can be, but we have special nano tech that aids us significantly.”
“I like to be up close where I can delve into one’s pain.” she said maniacally.

MGS-Caution – Stealth Mode

When we arrived to our destination, BB was there to greet us and brief us on our mission spec. Let’s just say the terrain we were going to deal with was swampland area for G-14 Classified purposes. It’s a live fire exercise using dummy rounds because it was a team building exercise and there were going to be other operatives in the field. Our mission is obtain two special kinds of caches and anyone or anywhere in the field is it hidden. Once obtained, the team must then head to given coordinates for further instruction.

#3 Team Building Exercise Part 3

Time: 1300 HRS
Mood: Patient
Location: G14 Classified

I assume this part of the exercise was to examine Vauss’ leadership skills because it automatically put him on the spot as starts calling the shots. First, he instructs Haze and I to find the highest hill with the tallest tree to establish a sniper’s nest as well as to connect to the SF0 satellite orbiting the planet’s atmosphere using Haze’s universal laptop to get a topography view of the land. We were only granted one shot at this and we did it for that sole purpose. Once Vauss has the layout of the map in his head he gave everyone his orders.

“Wait, what about me? You know I can fight too, right?” Corwin cuts in.
“Of course. You’re the decoy.” Vauss replied without skipping a beat.

A passive blank expression is left on his face. “I don’t think he likes me much.” Corwin mumbles to himself.
“Don’t worry. I got you.” I cried, reassuring him. He didn’t have any enhancements to cover himself but everyone was taught the basics of staying out of sight.

Time passes and it occurred to me that this event could go on forever. The caches could literally be anywhere, and they weren’t going to make this easy. It’s never that easy. My orders were to watch everyone’s backs, mainly Corwin’s since he was decoy.

“I tagged someone out. They didn’t have any package.” Perez radios in.
“Good job.” Was everyone’s response. I didn’t even see the operative that she tagged out. Perez is really good at what she does.

Time passes some more.

“Corwin, there’s a bogey sneaking up on your six. Do you want me to take the target out?” I warned him.
“Nah, I got this, thanks. I want to get some fisticuffs in.” He replied.

Sure enough they went at it, it was less than graceful, but Corwin managed to come out on top.

Time passes some more, nightfall comes and the temperature starts dropping.

“Alright guys, survival 101. Ya’ll know what to do.” Vauss radios in.

The difficulty level just went up tenfold as the cover of dark proved its meaning. We managed to tag out more operatives but none of them had any packages. It wasn’t until Perez tagged out her fourth operative that had a package.

“Nice work. Now the second package must be hidden within the terrain somewhere. Find a place to rest up for the night and we’ll start our search at the break of dawn.” Vauss commanded.

The following day we continued our search and encountered an opposing sniper. The enemy sniper managed to locate my nest and rendered me useless to give fire support from long range. I almost got tagged out and I became the prey this time around. I had to wait nearly over half the day until Vauss was able to flank the enemy sniper. Then we had no other choice but to push on in search for the second package. We searched the swamp area. Even scanned the bottom of a nasty pond but no luck. We searched high and low but to no avail.

“Argh! This is impossible!” Corwin cries in frustration.
“This could take us literally a lifetime.” Perez said.
“Hmmm…” Vauss’ voice is heard through the earpiece as he was in deep thought.
“Maybe we got to think outside the box of this one.” Haze pointed out. “Something BB said to us at the beginning of the exercise that stood out to me. He said that ‘what you’re looking for may be simply right in front of you’. Do you guys remember where he was standing that day?”
“You may be right. I think you’re onto something.” Vauss finally snaps out of his contemplation.

We traced our steps back to where BB briefed us on our field exercise and found the spot he was standing on.

“There!” Haze points at a mound of tampered soil and Corwin starts digging with his robotic arm. Not far from the surface was indeed a hidden cache.

We then proceeded to the given coordinates which led us to Russia.

#4 Team Building Exercise Part 4

Time: 2100 HRS
Mood: Curious
Location: G-14 Classified

“What are you doing?” I asked Corwin as I caught a glance of him heading towards the restroom during the flight with the same magazine of Genevieve Harbinger at hand the first time I met him.

“What? A man has certain needs…” he said winking at me. “I’m still partly human you know. I don’t know about you.”

Now that I thought about it, he was right. I’ve never really given it much thought. About my sexuality. From day one as an SF0 Operative I’ve been trained to kill and nothing more.

The flight was long needless to say, but I can confidently say that we learned a bit more about each other during the trip. I sat next to Vauss and discovered that he has a mushy side to him despite all that bravado.

Our falsified identifications as federal agents help us get past through legal and customs smoothly. We left most of the talking to Haze and Vauss since they both were fluent in Russian. I got to admit though, Haze’s accent makes it feel like someone was licking your ear. Some of the guys really like that, I can tell.

The coordinates given from the hidden caches led us to a dance club so we had to dress the part. We all had to put on something either fancy or provocative.

“Eyes up here.” I hear Haze say to Corwin. She was the one with the least Enhancements which meant she was the most human and her goods was the real deal.

We proceeded through the club and spoke to the owner who led us through a secret passageway in the back and gave us a GPS tracking device and a set of coordinates. The coordinates led us through a tunnel that led underground through a series of passageways.

There were several moments when we were suddenly attacked by a group of silently trained ninjas or something. If it weren’t for Perez’s amazing hearing abilities we probably would have our asses thoroughly kicked. It was group fight effort. A test to see if we can fight as a unit in close quarters. I say we did pretty well despite having 3 ladies in dresses.

When we arrived to our destination, BB was there waiting for us.

“Congratulations for making it this far.” he said proudly. “Task Force 1337 has exceeded our expectations. Now for the final test. You must each face off in mortal combat.”

#5 Team Building Exercise Part 5: “Enter Task Force 83457”

Mortal Kombat

  • Vauss vs Corwin
    - Vauss wins
  • Haze vs Williams
    - Williams wins
  • Perez vs Vauss
    - Vauss wins
  • Corwin vs Haze
    - Haze wins
  • Vauss vs Williams
    - Vauss wins
  • Corwin vs Perez
    - Perez wins
  • Williams vs Perez
    - Perez wins
  • Vauss vs Haze
    - Vauss wins
  • Perez vs Haze
    - Perez wins
  • Corwin vs Williams
    - Corwin wins

The matches showed us who was the better fighter among us, but it also showed us each other’s fighting styles and to get to know them. After a short break BB gathered us again for a final battle.

“You must now fight in a 1 vs 1 match against your sister task force. The task force that will be assisting you in certain missions that are far too difficult for your team to handle, and vice versa. They will answer to your pleas and you will answer to theirs. "

Sister task force?

With that said, 5 more operatives appeared from out of nowhere. All males in your usual formal operative outfit, and surrounded us, forming a circle. Dupritt, Emery, Wilson, Fical, Dowmar, were their names and Coulson was their liaison.

“The operative standing in front of you will be your opponent. We’ve assessed your fighting abilities and your opponent is sure to match them.”

After much anticipation the results of each bout.

  • Vauss vs Dowmar
    - Dowmar wins
  • Corwin vs Wilson
    - Wilson wins
  • Haze vs Emery
    - Haze wins
  • Perez vs Dupritt
    - Perez wins
  • Williams vs Fical
    - Fical wins

“Well done Task Forces 1337 and 83457. You both have done well. If you still wish to get to know your counterparts please do so in your own sparring time. As for now, both task forces have earned a 3 day leave of absence. Spend them as you see fit and return to these coordinates at the appropriate time.”

Assemble Task Force 1337

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