Dream Walker

#1 Wake Up, Sierra! Part 1

Time: Day
Location: Mexico
Mood: Determined

Holy sh!t, what a dream! It almost felt real. I dreamed that I was freezing cold for God knows how long. Ethan really had to spoon with me to keep me warm. Speaking of which, I’m really happy about him and I. We’ll let the others know at an appropriate time, but right now I think it’s best we keep our relationship on the down low.

I was sketching a picture of Green Lantern, my favorite superhero when a reminder in my head went off.

“Um…” I broke the silence in the living room. “I think it’s time we go back out there.” I said confidently.
“Are you sure? Are you ready to move on from your trauma?” Ethan voiced his concern.
A memory flash instantly reappeared in my mind and my womanhood reacted deliciously.
“Please don’t!” I said, shaking off the image. That creature really affected me deeper than I thought. Or am I just a dirty girl?
“Yes. I think I’ve sat around too much. I really enjoy this downtime we get with one another, but we mustn’t loose track.”

Later that day, we had a group meeting and agreed on getting Sierra back up and well again. We would again resume the mission of Prevention Squad sooner or later, right now, the priority was Sierra.

I contacted Makenna to inquire about Sierra since she had a special psychic connection with her twin brother Jeremy who was still there. Apparently she was in Alaska along with the acclaimed super_gurl taking care of some serious business. Wasn’t she in the news recently? People know of her existence now, she will come to be adored or feared one day… Any how, she extended an invitation to see aurora borealis, but my mind was set. I could no longer afford to extend my R and R.

We’ve tried just about everything to get Sierra to wake up from her coma and we weren’t about to start communing with spirits again via Helena. Must be nice to have super_gurl along to work with, but I doubt she has any abilities to wake up someone from a really deep sleep. So I thought maybe a special someone can help me…

The next day Helena and I went to the local market.

“What are we doing here if we’re not buying anything?” Helena asked annoyed.
“Just wait. I know he’s here.” I said scanning through the crowd.
“Who’s here? Don’t tell me you have another boyfriend and you’re seeing him behind Ethan’s back.” she goes.
“Wait, what?! How do you know about Ethan and I?” I turned to her.
“Well um… you guys aren’t entirely quiet at night you know…” she said.“One night I thought I was hearing ghost voices so I investigated and well…”
I could feel all the blood in my body rush to my face. “How long?” I asked embarrassed.
“A few days.” Helena shrugged.“And I might have accidentally told the others…” she admitted.
“…” I stood speechless.
“It’s alright. We understand. You were so devastated when Benjamin died and we figured it’s what you needed…” she reasoned.
“…” I remained speechless.
“Excuse me.” A soft voice interrupts us.

We turn to see who it was.

#2 Wake Up, Sierra! Part 2

Time: Day
Mood: Unsure
Location: Mexico > New York

So begins our road trip back home from Mexico after meeting my supernatural secret stalker face to face. I couldn’t help but to keep thinking back from when it happened. It was like a magical encounter. His voice keeps echoing in my head.

“Excuse me.”

Helena and I turn towards the voice. To my shock and awe, it was him. He who comes and goes unknowingly with a smile that could rock my world. I was even more speechless than I was before. My eyes widening in their sockets to absorb all his beauty as much as they can take in.

Helena elbows my side. “Yes, may we help you?” she asks.
“I’m afraid it’s the other way around.” he responds, his voice calm and collected.

Seeing that I couldn’t speak to save my life, he takes a finger to my chin and smiles that mind-blowing smile of his. “Go home Peyton. Go home. You’ll know what to do. You are the key.” he says softly looking directly into my eyes. From dark brown to dark blue, his gaze was nothing I could describe in the moment and next thing I knew I was out cold.

When I came to, I found myself brushing Genevieve Harbinger’s hair. THE GENEVIEVE HARBINGER! World’s most famous super model and I was conversing with her so casually as if I was her best friend. I look to the mirror in front of us and I was seeing myself as a younger blonde woman. Genevieve’s younger sister perhaps? And then there was Tumaini amongst them. What is he doing there?

Ethan brings me back to reality as I feel his hand stroking my head. I peek up at him and smile and he returns one to me. I cuddle closer to him as I contemplate more about these dreams… these visions I’m having. I think I’m finally grasping what my supernatural stalker is talking about. If my theory is correct then we don’t even need to be physically there. There’s only one way to find out.

“If I don’t wake up. Wake me up in an hour okay?” I told Ethan.
“Why what’s up?” he asks curiously with puppy hazel eyes.
“I’m… I’m testing something out. Please?”
“Oh?” he smiles mischievously
I giggle and playfully punch him on the shoulder. “Seriously now.”
“You’re the boss, boss.” he teased.

Time passes and when I became aware I was playing dollhouse with my sister Sierra like we used to back when we were children while Olivia plays with her kitchen play set. Our parents call out our names for dinner…

“Olivia! Sierra! Peyton!”

Dream Walker

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