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#1 Fuck Me Please

When I came to, I found myself pinned to the ground once again with the same horrific creature on top of me. No trace of facial or head hair, but the same set of burning red eyes from the pits of hell itself stared into my own. An intense piercing gaze that immobilized me. I felt powerless like always once a supernatural creature comes within arms length of me. Its jagged, bloodstained, razor sharp teeth made it more terrifying on a different scale. I was reliving that dreadful night. I was naked once again and the creature was salaciously toying with my breasts with its long snake like tongue, hardening my nipples, tender to the touch, and sparking a sensational ache between my thighs… that’s what bothered me the most… part of me enjoyed that… and I hated myself for it.

I sprung forward in my wake in cold sweat. Panting and wet, with my heart racing, a million beats per minute. The ache was still there, and to my surprise, Ethan was sitting at my bedside. The room was dark but a faint glow from the crack of the bedroom door made him visible.

“Hey Sweet Pea…”

Those three words, somehow were like some magical incantation. Those were his first words to me when we first met and I found them very soothing. His voice, soft and tender, like music to my ears.

“It’s alright. I’m here.”

Without hesitation, I jumped onto his lap and balled up like a small child, burying my face into his solid chest. I broke down crying, primarily because I wish it had been Benjamin who was in his place, but I was altogether thankful to have someone there anyway.

I catch my breath and look up at him with puppy eyes wondering if he knew what I was thinking, what I wanted. I wanted him to relieve me of my overwhelming emotional burden off my shoulders… I wanted him to fuck me… fuck me hard, to fuck me out of my mind. I longed to feel his hips slamming against mine, longed to feel his weight above me and his member inside me… maybe, just maybe if he fucked me hard enough, my heart wouldn’t hurt so much…The loss of Benjamin was a staggering blow , I couldn’t take it. My heart felt like it was shattered into a thousand pieces and the essence that kept it together was ripped away from me. I loved him, and I clearly knew how my heart felt about him, but I held back and now I feel the sting of regret. I should’ve told him. I should’ve given myself to him when he was still alive, when he had me at arms length looking deeply into my eyes. Searching for an answer, an answer I regretfully withheld from him. I thought I had more time, but now I learned that within minutes, your loved ones can be taken away just like that, and I knew this from past experience… I hate myself…

Ethan does the opposite. He winces a smile knowing that I was vulnerable and wasn’t thinking straight. I saw it within him that he wanted to. I’ve always known he liked me, but at my weakest moment he respected my womanhood, my heart, my mind, my soul. It must’ve taken every bit of willpower and self control for him to keep a tight reign on his carnal desire. Instead he closes his eyes expressing pain and pulled my face to his chest to comfort me. I hated him for that and cried harder than I did before, so hard until I slipped into unconsciousness.

#2 Fucked Thoroughly and Fucked Back To Reality (Warning: Rated NC17)

Time: Night
Mood: Lustful
Location: Mexico

It’s been a couple days since it happened and the squad’s morale was in an all time low. I wasn’t in the mood for anything really. My appetite diminished, my social life basically out the window, and my inspiration for art gone with the wind. I needed help otherwise I was going to spiral down to depression or worse. Only one thing keeping me from falling apart and that was Ethan… the way he’d look at me and the way I’d look back towards him. There was definitely some hidden chemistry and gravitational pull between the two of us. Every time our gazes met I would feel a spark of life in my soul…

Beyonce – Crazy In Love Fifty Shades Remix

Then late one evening when I was attempting to sketch something from imagination in my room, the door bursts open and Ethan marches straight for me with such intensity. I jump to my feet to meet him and he scoops me off my feet, carrying me by my rear end, grasping the firmness of my buttcheeks with his strong hands and pinning me against the wall. I lock my legs around his waist and my hands clutched on either side of his head. His amazing lips met my own and we kissed each other hungrily with such ferosity that I was already panting. The ache between my thighs was instantly reignited, and I desperately wanted him so bad as I clawed at his back, wanting to feel his bare skin. I felt his over excited member harden to an impressive bulge beneath his pants against my now wet entrance craving for hostile invasion.

YES! I Feel so alive! This feeling! I want this feeling! Yes! Give it to me HARD! PLEASE!

His touch, his skin against mine is electrifying sending chills up and down my body and when it travels through my inner thighs I take in a sharp breath, savoring the sensation. I work on pulling his shirt off over his head minimizing the intervals between the connection of our lips. Once off, he works at my tank top reaching for the hem, but before pulling it off over my head he gently nibbles my hardened nipples between his teeth through the thin fabric of my top. He pauses momentarily and looks up at me to watch my facial reaction and I do nothing but blush as I feel my face flush. That look he gave me set something off within me. It made me feel wild but he restrains me by pulling my tank over my head and clasping both my hands over my head. He lowers his mouth to the tip of my breast and then gives me the same look earlier right before he proceeds to suckle my nipple with such tender passion which was rewarded by an indecent moan from my mouth. He spends a good minute teasing my nipple with his mouth using different sorts of techniques while his free hand fondles my other breast, playfully flicking and pinching my nipple, making it tender and sore combining it with the sensational feeling of pain and pleasure. I longed to feel him with my hands but he stays his hand locking my arms above my head. After teasing my nipple with his tongue, it travels north up my neck to the tip of my chin feeling the cold air kiss my skin in its trail. He stops and kisses my chin then works back down to the side of my neck, kissing and nibbling the skin, pausing only to inhale my scent. To him it must’ve been intoxicating because I felt a rush of explicit desire from him. He finally frees my hands and toss my top aside while my hands roam aimlessly in his ruly hair pulling his face to mine and connecting our lips once again. His tongue probed my mouth and I welcome him with my own. Our tongues intertwine and I playfully suckle on the tip of his. Strong hands were now felt back on the base of my rearend, fondling and groping the cheeks that was there for the toying. He starts grinding his hips up and down, rubbing his rock hard penis againts my drenched vagina above the fabric of his pants and my sweatpants. I am so ready for him and I want him inside me so badly that the ache between my thighs had become unbearable. My thighs quivered desperately and I pull his face away from mine to look straight into his gorgeous hazel eyes, giving him the signal that I was ready for the pounding I so longed to satiate. He responds appropriately, showing a hint of wicked smile, then turns to toss me on the bed. I kick off my sweatpants revealing a pair of oversoaked panties. My face flushes and I momentarily look away in embarrassment. When my eyes return back to him, he was ready to enter the premises. His member is more than rock hard ready. Its tip glistened and throbbed with excitement. I couldn’t help but stare at it in awe. My insides responded from the sight of it and ached outrageously. He places both hands on my knees and slowly spreads them apart. With one hand reaches down and slides down two fingers between the crevice, feeling the wetness above the panties and then into his mouth for tasting. I couldn’t help but groan and quiver desperately in sight of that. He finally slips my panties off my legs, kissing the side of the foot it touched last. Then places himself above me resting his weight on his forearms and burying his face on the side of my neck, taking in a deep breath of my scent once more. I braced myself for impact grabbing hold of the sheets below me as I felt his tip touch just the outside of my vagina, but he suddenly halts his movements as if something was wrong.

No! Not now! What’s wrong?! Please fuck me! I want you!

He tilts his head upward as if in deep thought, then shortly he pulls away from me and kneels at the edge of the bed. He looked angry and upset but I didn’t bother asking him what was wrong, instead he grabs me by the waist and pulls me to him, flipping me over to my belly in the process, then in one swift fluid motion slams himself inside me. I let out a moan. It’s been a long while since a man was inside me, and it felt like the first time after a long time, but I’m glad I could accomodate his member even after this long time. He has me on all fours and begins ramming in and out of me like a piston. The amount of wetness my vagina had excreted greatly assisted his insertion and now begins euphoria. He wasn’t gentle. He wasn’t forgiving. He was merciless. He was savage. It was what I needed. What I wanted. His hands firmly grasp my waist and uses it in coordination with his pelvic thrusts. Each time he slams into me, I feel like I was slowly coming alive, with each thrust brought life into me, and the pain of my heart completely forgotten in that moment in time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he pushes me forward and pins me with one hand on the back of my head with his weight resting on it making it nearly impossible for me to move. His other hand remains on the back of my waist for leverage then his torturous pounding of my flower patch from the rear commences. I grasp the sheet beneath me and shut my eyes in euphoric wonder. With each thrust his weight came crashing on top of me, waves of pleasure flowing throughout me. Right now, I could care less about anyone else. I want this. I sorely need this.

After a merciless bed pounding session, Ethan pauses to catch his breath and to hold off from crossing the threshold of no return. I firmly grasp the sheets, bracing for another session, but he pulls me by the hair with the same hand he pinned me with and with his other hand reaches under and starts fiddling my clitoris as if it was a stringed instrument while pummeling in and out of me, slowly, but powerfully. The sensation was more than I can describe. Each timed thrust would send waves of pleasure that would reach all the way to my breasts as it dangles in the air in front of me. My nipples wonderfully erected, a perfect way to describe the ecstasy I was experiencing. Slowly but surely an immeasurable amount of pleasure was building up within me as I approach climax. I can tell he was too as he speeds up his pace. I didn’t realize it til near the end that I was actually crying. Tears streaked their way down my cheeks. Was it tears of joy or sadness? I couldn’t tell. Perhaps it was joy due to the fact that I was fucked out of my mind. As I had anticipated, the release was incredible. My insides quivered unlike they have before and I sink onto the bed below me. Exhausted and sore. Something I had not experienced for a long time, something I wished it had been shared with Benjamin, but Ethan will have to do. He pulls out and empties his load on my lower back. The warmth of his seed was somehow comforting to me and thought that it would be more of a satisfying ending if he finished inside me. He doesn’t speak afterwards. He simply cleans me off and lays next to me with his back towards me. I didn’t know what to think, perhaps he knew that Benjamin was who I had in my mind throughout this whole time and not him, which was totally understandable… regardless I snuggle up next to his warm solid body and let sleep take over me.

#3 Friendly Ghost

Time: Night
Mood: Heartbroken
Location: Mexico

For the next couple of days, Ethan and I’s lecherous relationship continued repeatedly, mostly during the night and whenever he’s able to during the day. Even a quickie with him is amazing. His technique and form are impressive. His stamina is almost endless (he must’ve wrestled during high school, their stamina is outstanding!). The only downside to him is that he refuses to connect with me emotionally and only fucks me from behind. I want to feel his chest on mine. To feel his heart and to coil my legs around him, but he won’t let me. He doesn’t cuddle or spoon or stay the whole night with me. Our relationship is purely physical. At first I didn’t seem to mind, but now I’m wanting more…

After dinner, Ethan looked to me and I to him. Our gazes met and formed an understanding that he was going to fuck me again tonight and my heart raced in excitement and anticipation. I was looking forward for tonight’s pounding and I wasn’t going to be submissive but feisty instead. I was going to take the lead that time around but something unexpected happened, something extraordinary. Helena started seeing and talking to the ghost of Benjamin as I headed upstairs towards my room.

“Benjamin… is that you? What are you doing here???”

My heart had a hiccup when I heard the name and I slowly turn back towards Helena as if I was caught in the act.

“You’re dead Benjamin. We saw you die. I saw you die. You shouldn’t be here.”

I couldn’t believe it at first, but the more I watched and listened to her, the more I believed that the ghost of Benjamin was here.

“What’s that you say? You you still have a part to fulfill? You may be right.”

It was really creepy, watching her speak to thin air, but I imagined Benjamin standing there in the midst of us and my heart felt a spark of joy if only momentary, then betrayal for I have slept with Ethan and was beginning to grow feelings for him.

“Peyton? She’s here. She’s safe.”
“I’m here.” I cried stepping closer towards Helena. “Benjamin, if that’s really you prove it.”
“OK, you have my permission.” Helena consented as if she was to undergo a procedure.

There was an eerie silence in the air for a minute and then Helena suddenly became aware of herself or as if suddenly someone else in her consciousness became aware.

“Peyton!” she cried loudly taking a sudden step closer to me but I held her at bay raising my hand out to her.
STOP!” I commanded.

She still sounded like Helena, but it was no longer Helena who was in control. Then slowly and gently. She takes hold of my raised hand and looks into my eyes softly as Benjamin usually does. It was mind boggling crazy, but my hand felt a brief static shock, and a sudden change in temperature from icy cold to soothing warm… it was Benjamin. It was really him. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and burst into tears as I bury my face in Helena’s chest.

“It’s really you.”

#4 Love Me Like You Do

Time: Day > Night
Mood: Relaxed
Location: Mexico

I couldn’t be anymore happier than to have Benjamin back in my life. Only downside is that he must possess a vessel that is anchored to this physical dimension to communicate with me, whether that might be Helena, Danika, or Ethan… speaking of Ethan, my feelings for him have been jammed somehow. Knowing Benjamin was always in the midst of us made it awkward and very uncomfortable to even just look at each other. He looked hurt and distraught even though he refuses to admit it when we explained to him and the rest of the crew that Benjamin’s spirit was with us.

The following night, Ethan must’ve heard me speaking to Benjamin’s spirit because he came to my room and offered himself as an empty vessel so that I could physically touch and feel Benjamin’s love. He must’ve known that it would be awkward for me to show intimate affection to either Helena, Danika or Danny for that matter since she wasn’t close to any of them. He looks down into my eyes with such pain and compassion while tenderly stroking his fingertips on my cheek and mouthing the words…

“I’ve fallen for you.”

Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

For a single moment his words were like stones inside my heart, but then Benjamin’s spirit came over him and his gaze shifted from sadness to joy and a gentle smile is formed by his lips. And all the pain suddenly vanished.

“Benjamin! I love you! I always have! Please don’t ever leave me again!” I cried without hesitation while tears streamed down my cheeks.

It was Ethan’s physical form that I was looking upon, but knowing full well that it was Benjamin’s consciousness that I was speaking to didn’t matter a single bit. He cradles my face with both his hands and brings his lips to mine. Kissing me with tender love and passion, I happily return it with vigor.

Benjamin makes love to me that night for the first time in our life, and for the first time in my life, my heart, my soul, felt complete.

#5 Waves of Emotions

Time: Day
Mood: Awkward
Location: Mexico > Texas

I dreamed that I was strapped in a seat on an airplane that was crash landing and gained consciousness once it crashed. I felt strong arms wrapped around me, faint breathing on the back of my head, and of course an impressive morning glory on the tip of my tail bone. I was overjoyed that he didn’t leave me in the morning, it could only mean that it was Benjamin still in control… or is it? I slowly turn my head to peek at the beautiful face behind me. It was Ethan’s face, but who’s in there? His words echoed in my head from last night and rekindled a burden on my heart. Is it possible to love two people equally? I didn’t want to find out. All the sudden I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. It wasn’t butterflies. It just felt wrong. Perhaps it was my body’s response that I have committed a crime. I didn’t want to find out so I gently slipped away from his arms.

At breakfast Danny highly suggested that we shouldn’t linger and relocate at once. I agreed, surely that Elder Vampire would come seeking vengeance for what we did to it. The thought of it having its way with me brought back memories that made me shudder and downright nauseous. Ethan came down to join us without a peep from him. I look to him curiously and sensed that it was indeed Ethan himself. He must be unhappy and in pain that he was used. I now feel sorry for him, but thankful altogether, as well as glad that I didn’t stay in bed with him, that might’ve been a really awkward morning for the both of us. None of the others know about our relationship just yet, I don’t think.

Danika and I went to the market to buy some fresh goodies for the road trip ahead. Her Spanish is really good, enough to get by, and then again I felt a familiar presence I’ve encountered before. One when I was investigating the site of the Hokkaido Raid. I search the crowd carefully and then there he was. He gently turns to me as if he knew and smiles that gentle smile he did before. His soft gaze and warm smile warms me up tremendously inside. But then a small crowd passes between us and then all of the sudden he was gone again. I search crowd once more with more effort, but Danika called to me. It was time to go. His face wasn’t the pantie-dropper type, but it was just very easy on the eyes.

Who are you?

We headed northeast, to Texas. Danika knew some peeps there that might be able to help us lay low. Helena gave Benjamin her permission to overtake her body and sat next to me during the trip and held my hand, it was really weird, am I suppose to be bi-curious now? As long as I imagined that it was Benjamin, I was good. But I can’t ignore the fact that Ethan was also there. Was he just the door mat? The crying shoulder? I shouldn’t treat him like that, plus there’s that mysterious man that I can’t seem to shake off my head. Wtf?

#6 Waves of Emotions Part 2

Time: Night
Mood: Overwhelmed
Location: Texas

My sexual appetite has grown drastically these past few days. I don’t know whether it was my encounter with the spawn of the devil or my rough tumble with Ethan. Benjamin makes sweet love to me. He’s very loving and tender, while Ethan on the other hand is very rough, wild and dominating in a way that drives me up the wall in a really good way. Every time we danced it’s like fireworks, it’s amazing. My heart longs for Benjamin, but my body longs for Ethan, and I suppose my soul longs for that mysterious admirer. When we made eye contact, it felt like he was peering into my universe. All that is alive and good within me is stirred up by a simple smile. What if he touched me? Would I explode? Would I lose my mind? I feel as if he can fully satisfy me more than Ethan and Benjamin ever could. More than anyone in their life. A curiosity that has manifested and I long to quench it so vigorously.

Ethan brings me back to reality by tenderly kissing my forehead, but it wasn’t Ethan in control. This feeling, this sensation is something only Benjamin could do. I feel safe and content with him. With Ethan, I feel wild and free. He makes me feel like a sex goddess. With my mysterious admirer, I feel like he could make me feel completely at peace with myself. A shelter from my horrish nightmares. A sanctuary.

Beyonce – Crazy In Love Fifty Shades Remix

“What’s wrong babe?” Benjamin asks curiously, tilting my chin gently with a finger so he could look into my eyes.

His eyes, beautiful hazel eyes that belonged to Ethan. Eyes that could make me weak in the knees. I felt lost in them. His words “I have fallen for you.” echoed loudly in my head that gripped my heart so tightly. I was slowly losing myself. My identity. I was losing track of who is who. For a slight moment there I thought it was really Ethan and I wanted him to fuck me back to my senses which he’s really good at, but I couldn’t say that. Not while Benjamin was present.

“Nothing.” I lied looking down to one side and biting my lower lip. I turn my naked body away from him and hug myself with my arms, covering my private parts. “I… I need to be alone. I need to be away from both of you for a while.” I say finally. I avoided eye contact. I didn’t want to see the reaction on his face. I could only imagine it so well in my head which I’m so good at doing. A sad confused of an expression painted on his face.

A moment of silence befalls the room and then I feel a hot mouth on the side of my neck making its way up to my ear. I melt from the inside out and turn to kiss that mouth so hungrily. It claims my own and we ravage each other like desperate animals. I jump onto him and lock my legs tightly around his waist while he pins me against the wall. Our hands intertwine with each other’s and is secured above my head while he leans into our kiss so ever lovingly. I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t want to break away from his kiss. To tell him that I’ve fallen for him as well. He lets go of my hands to slide his strong hands down the side of my slender body to my soft rear end, gripping it firmly as he mounts me on his precious member and begins thrusting in and out of me with delightful intensity. I clutch onto his head and press the side of my cheek firmly on its surface as I brace and absorb every exquisite thrust from the tip of his rod.

Ethan fucked me really good that night. We fucked each other to our heart’s content, and I loved it.

#7 Waves of Emotions Part 3: “What The HELL Am I doing?”

Time: Day
Mood: Happy
Location: Texas

You get those days when you just don’t want to get up and do anything? Yep. That was me this morning. A warm body was curled up next to mine and it felt just right. I gently stroke the hair on his head and pat a tender kiss on his lips good morning. Ethan jolts awake and takes me by my sides rolling on top of me to kiss the inner spaces of my neck. Without warning, he thrusts his morning wood inside me by surprise and I take it like a champion, coiling my legs around him tightly.

“Good morning.” He says, playfully nibbling on my chin.
“Good morning!” I giggle back a little sore from the roughhousing last night.
“I need a shower.” He says picking me up along with him, our members still attached to one another.
“What are you doing?! They’ll see us!” I snapped at him.
“No they won’t.” He said with a sexy, mischievous smile.

So with just a single layer of bed sheet covering our nakedness, Ethan tiptoed to the best of his ability towards the bathroom while having me still attached to him. I grasped onto him tightly as my heart raced with anticipation and excitement. I’ve never been fucked in the shower before. There’s a first time for everything and I was about to get it.

Yep. It was amazing. Nothing like the sensation of a fresh shower and orgasm first thing in the morning. He leaves first to avoid suspicion and I later join him along with the others at breakfast.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?!” I hear Danny raise his voice, preventing me from biting down on a piece of toast I shoved in my mouth. With eyes wide open, I quickly look to Ethan who had a similar expression, then to Danny, but his inquiry was directed to the news on the television. Phew. Ethan and I stifle our laughter. But the news broadcasting was about a missing flight to Alaska. Search parties found salvages of the crash but no survivors. It was strange because it’s emergency signal had been activated right before it crashed and the signal was mysteriously “blocked” for more than 48 hours, and only a few hours ago that its signal was then again traced. Could this have something to do with a previous dream I had? Of a plane crash? I suddenly felt guilty. I wave of anxiety washes over me. What the hell am I doing?! I should be out there. I should be PREVENTING people’s deaths! I SHOULD BE HELPING MY SISTER SIERRA REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS!

All personal and selfish agendas aside, I whip out my smart phone and logged onto the NET. Research shows that the plane that crashed in Alaska took off from Texas…

R and R

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