#1 aurora borealis Part 1: “Moving Forward”

Time: Day
Mood: Lame
Location: Alaska

I watched them as they flew away. The “Dark Sisterhood”, that’s what they were referred to in my research and that’s what I decided to call them.

We would have surely died if Mei Lien had not intervened. She turns to us when the coast was clear and gives us a weary smile right before she collapses and passes out. Her body lacking that vibrant and exuberant glow from earlier. I too wanted to pass out. I stumble down to my knees and hang on to dear life. Who would save us if I did? Who was left? I could no longer sense Genevieve. Either she was killed in action or got to Rachel and fled. I was hoping for the latter… could she have ascended like me?

In the end, it was two regular imbued hunters that saves us, Makena and Duke. She fills me in on her side of the story with Genevieve and we get everyone to a safe place. Edward was a different story, he was in semi critical condition as he only has half a functioning body left. We took him to the nearest medical facility while Duke took Mei Lien back to where Genevieve and Rachel was.

“How are you holding up? Shouldn’t you be in the treatment room as well?” Makena inquires.
“I’m more than okay. I can already feel my body regenerating back to its supernatural state. That question is more for him.” I replied nodding my head towards Edward between a see through window and the treatment room. “Besides, I can hear his heartbeat just fine. It’s in no state of shock.”
“That’s amazing! What else do you hear?”
“I hear everything and it’s more than annoying like listening to static. But I’m starting to manage to filter things out.” I explained.
“And Keenan?”
“Finding his strength… the huma- regular people… will freak out if they discover that his wounds have already started healing. Looks like you have much to learn about this new kind of hunter.” I said making eye contact with her.
“I do. It’s the only way to get revenge for my dad.” she replied with watery eyes.

I took her words into heart and fully agreed that more people were going to suffer losses if I couldn’t match the Dark Sisterhood’s strength. But there is a ray of hope. There are others like me, and possibly my sisters as well. We will need all the help we can get.

Later that day I received word that Mommy & Daddy just landed at the airport along with other childhood friends, so I headed towards Genevieve and Rachel for a much needed shower and change of clothes.

“Aurora borealis, here we come!”

#2 aurora borealis Part 2: “Together”

Time: Night
Mood: Amazed
Location: Alaska

I rejoined with my sisters to get ready for aurora borealis. Keenan would meet us there, while Makenna and Duke waited for Edward to recuperate. It was a strange turn of events but an essential one at most.

It’s not like I needed winter clothing, it was to fit in and look normal. I could attend the gathering naked and my temperature wouldn’t drop a centigrade, but I knew that Lacey, Landen, Kimberly, Emily and Duke did not know our secrets, and I think it’s for the best for now.

“I ain’t got nothing to do with it.” I said sternly. I knew better than to get involved with Genevieve’s love affairs. I steer clear, however, if someone made her cry it was a different story. Rachel was the protective one, she would threaten and I would enforce.
“You hear that Genny?”Rachel calls out to our oldest sister from the bathroom as she softly brushes my hair. All we hear was a grumble from the living room.
“You can brush more firmly.” I motioned to Rachel, she was used to brushing it gently and I don’t think she knew that my hair had basically become indestructible.

We all gathered including the Santiago’s to update everyone on current events and I think it was only going to get worse…

The others had arrived as expected and I took the opportunity to leave and grab Makenna’s ensemble from the medical facility that Edward had been brought to.

It was a bit shocking, to encounter Edward this way. He was surely a broken man, no doubt. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. If anything he was the one in shock but the medical staff had granted him privilege to leave the premises to view aurora borealis for a short while.

“We know and have heard of someone who may be able to help.” Morgan Santiago nodded towards Edward as soon as she saw his condition. “They call him ‘the tinkerer’, and he may be able to provide mechanical limbs.”
That’s incredible. I thought. Edward may have a second chance of still retaining his hunter status. “We’ll look him when we get the chance. Thanks auntie.”

Genevieve is popular even with just friends and family. If you’re in the show biz just about everyone want to be in on it, and I had nearly forgotten about her newfound girlfriend. She looked sweet I’ll give her that, but I was afraid she was only a temporary companion. Growing up with Genevieve, she never had a single long-term relationship ever since her tragedy. But one can hope, this “Emily” may beg to differ.

I managed to slip away momentarily and met up with Keenan who landed in a secluded area nearby and reported in. He was fully healed and looked like he was ready for round 2 against the dark ones. “All clear.” He said. “No sign of any of them.”
I sighed in relief. “Thanks Keenan. We can relax for now… after this though. I’ll need to train.”

When I we returned to the gathering Mommy & Daddy had a special surprise for me. One that I had never expected given the circumstances. My Aaron had returned to me, my teddy bear. I was so overjoyed that tears flushed my eyes and all I could manage out of my mouth was a whimper. I had to be super careful not to crush him when I held him in my arms, and try to make it as normal as possible for those who didn’t know about me yet.

And if the night couldn’t get any better right before aurora borealis, I saw Rachel motioning towards Landen and I saw him sit next to Genevieve and hear him whisper softly.

“I’m happy to be here.”

#3 Impenetrable

Time: Night
Mood: Disappointed > Determined
Location: Alaska > Los Angeles

It’s been a while since my Aaron laid his hands on me, but he was no stranger to the touch, as matter of fact my body longed for it. Begged for it. He almost had me panting. He knows my body well and knows where to touch me just right. My body reacted more than accordingly but when it came time to become one, we couldn’t achieve a connection anymore. He could not penetrate the folds of my heated flesh. No matter how hard we tried. At best one finger and I nearly crushed it under my convulsing flesh. I cried both in joy and disappointment. I had him back in my life but unable to make passionate love like we used to.

“It’s okay.” I whispered to him as we spooned our naked bodies together. “At least I have you.”

I was unable to climax that night, not that I couldn’t, it was just the frustration and disappointment combined made it so. My Aaron was mortal. A weak and fragile vessel. Would it require a male version of myself to achieve such an intimate connection?


1 Week Later

Blood Sport – Kumite

With everyone returning to their normal lifestyles I assumed training immediately under Keenan to summon my own unique spectral weapon. One that could hurt those damned “Vagrants” back in return. I needed to. I wanted to. My life depended on it. I focused on my anger and frustration but could get no result. I also trained under Mei Lien to improve my hand to hand combat and learn the art of meditation as well which may help me conjure up a weapon, I even meditated day and night at the beach while Rachel trained with Makena. She became fascinated with the bow and arrow and decided to learn to wield one just in case a time came for it. Genevieve however was a different story she became more interested in pursuing Landen rather than getting the rage monster inside her under control. Edward was slowly getting his motivation back ever since we mentioned that “the tinkerer” could give him artificial limbs, he’s been doing his own research and been conditioning his now dominant side of the body. Paige remains a docile, innocent child, but the thought that she’s the offspring of a Vagrant continues to trouble me, I’ll have to keep an eye on her.


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