The Gifted

#1 aurora borealis part 1: “Recovery”

Time: Day
Mood: Warm
Location: Alaska

A dream of me screaming in orgasm startled me awake and reminded me of a sensational ache between my legs not too long ago. Why am I having these sort of dreams? Is it my subconscious desire to be fucked? Just the thought of it made my insides tremble with delight.

Anyhow, I had to keep my mind occupied and think of something else. As I sat up on the bed I found my lovely sister Genny asleep comfortably on a recliner next to my bed, along with Mei Lien. How long was I out? I wonder, and where was Leslie and Edward? I felt warm and fuzzy besides that feeling on my womanhood. My wounds have completely healed, no surprise there. I flipped the blanket aside and wiggled my feet with inexplicable joy. My self healing ability keeps me amused. A giggle escaped my breath and woke up Genny.

“Thank God in heaven! You’re alright!” she cried, jumping onto the bed and clutching me tightly with her arms
“Why wouldn’t I be?” I laughed.
“Don’t you remember what happened?” she asked with piercing sapphire eyes
“Yeah… but I don’t want to dwell on it.” I replied.

In short, we told each other that we’d tell our stories when the family is reunited to avoid repeating ourselves. I would have woken up in a medical facility, but it would take a miracle to explain to the medical staff why my body healed overnight despite a serious leg injury. But instead we were at a cheap motel as usual to stay under the radar and pointed to Tumaini for the speedy transport. It was mostly thanks to him for keeping me warm. We learned the hard way that a werewolf’s body is always warm.

Edward on the other hand was a different story. He was actually at a medical facility. He was in bad shape. His entire left extremities were… let’s just say that his hunting days were over. Evee was there right now along with the others.

“Others?” I lifted a brow as I tended to Mei Lien.
“You’ll meet him at the gathering. He’s just like Evelynn.” she replied.
She nodded in reply with a hint of disbelief. “There are also more of the ‘others’…”
I returned her disbelief with a look of disbelief of my own.
“This is beyond us. This goes way back, most likely during ancient times.” Genny said.
The thought of ancient times made a knot in my stomach. “Maybe Mommy can shed some light in this situation when she gets here.”
“How is she?” Genny looked to Mei Lien.
“She’s fine. She’s just really fatigued and super exhausted. Whatever she did really did a number on her body. She’ll wake up when she’s ready” I explained.
“Evelynn saw what she did. Can’t wait to hear it.” she said anxiously

I’ve never seen Mei Lien like this. She’s the strongest of all of us. The most skilled, the most disciplined, the most talented. These so called dark angels must really be on a scale like nothing we’ve measured before.

“So… aren’t you excited?” I asked Genny, changing the subject.
“Excited for what?” she cutely tilts her head.
“Landen, duh!” I rolled my eyes.
“OH! Yeah! More like nervous actually. Ha! I need your help. What do I wear?” she asked sheepishly
“Why you asking me? You’re the professional.” I teased. “Why do you get so flustered around him?”
“I don’t know!” she pouted.
“Alright! Alright! I’ll help you.” I giggled. “May I remind you that your girlfriend Emily will be there also, you naughty girl!” I pointed out.
She felt so cornered that she just sighed in grief. “Argh! I’ll never hear the end of it from Mommy.”
“Don’t worry, when the time comes, I’ll distract the right person for you.” I said reassuring her.
“What do you mean?” she said puzzled.
“I’m just as puzzled as you are. We’ll see how it unfolds.”

#2 aurora borealis part 2: “The Gathering”

Evee reaches us right before we leave and we got her all fancied up for the gathering. The Harbinger Trio was united once again. It’s been a while since then and what’s more, Mommy & Daddy will grace us with their presence.

We don’t know what awaited us at the gathering but we knew that it was going to be some new found friends and old childhood friends.

“How’s Edward?” I asked Evee as I brushed her hair gently.
She pauses from applying a coat of lipstick on and looking at me with a hint of concern. “He’s fine. Why? Did something happen between you two?”
I paused for a minor beat. “No. I just didn’t want Paige to loose her daddy.”
“I see.” she replied looking convinced and then resumed her lipstick.

Evee filled us in on the details and laid out the game plan for the event. The goal was simple and that was to simply have fun and forget our worries for the time being, which is more that I can say for my part.

The dress code was winter attire but that never stopped Genny from looking any different. She looked heavenly. I don’t think there’s anything in this world that would make her look bad no matter the place or occasion, she always managed to stand out like a diamond in the rough. Plus she wanted to look extra good only because Landen was going to be there. As well as my good friend Lacey. She’s already sent snapchats with her, Landen, and Kimberly during their flight over. She’s quite the bundle of joy. We’re somewhat opposite of each other, she being on the cheer leading team and me in the chess club during high school, not really sure how our friendship kicked off but it all began after we got grouped together in chemistry.

Landen and I is different story. I suppose he’s a really good looking guy but we don’t converse much and I haven’t really given him much thought. He’s pretty close to Kimberly and if I’m not mistaken they might even be in a relationship.

~ At The Gathering

Mommy & Daddy, along with the Santiago family, Norman, Thor and Paige arrived at the gathering first since they flew in with our private jet. We then had a powwow right before everyone else came. There we laid everything out and brought everyone to date with Evee leading the discussion, including the fact that Paige was the offspring of a vagrant…

The Santiago family was a close family friend of ours who Mommy & Daddy fully trusted. They had their own hunts and adventures together in the past and it was nothing short of dangerous. If anything, we’re lucky to have them as allies and contacts.

Evee left to pick up Edward and Makenna once the powwow session ended and the rest of the guests arrived. Genny’s heart rate was probably beating the fastest than anyone else’s there. Landen’s and Emily’s flight just so happened to be the same one and they both had arrived at similar times.

“Ehrm…” Genny grips the side of my arm firmly. She was at a loss for words. Her gait, posture, and facial expression. I could sense it all. She was nervous and uncomfortable. I’ve never seen her so vulnerable my entire life.
“It’s alright. Relax. Just breathe” I said trying to reassure her. “Just be yourself.”
“That’s the problem. I’m not myself!” she exclaimed.
“Rachel!” Lacey calls out to me and waves as she makes her way to us.
Emily gets to us first and gives Genny an affectionate greeting, but Genny was too reluctant for obvious reasons. I’m beginning to think that she may be regretting inviting her to the gathering. However, a part of Genny was happy because as soon as I saw Emily, she was along the lines of the type of girl that Genny would absolutely fall for and I can already tell, she’s a sweet heart.
“Hi! I’m Emily.” She greeted me with a lovely smile and reaching out her hand to me.“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
I returned her smile. “Likewise, I’m Rachel and this is Thor.” I said showing off my white furry companion and Thor barks at her playfully.
“Wow, he’s a beautiful dog!”
“Yep! One of a kind.” I smiled proudly.
“Hey you! There you are! Hey Thor!” Lacey, Kimberly and Landen cuts in giving Genny, Thor and I a friendly hug. “We need to catch up!”
“Yes we do.” I replied raising my brows. “Oh by the way this is Emily.” I present her. “Emily is…” the words that followed failed in succession due to the circumstance as I looked at Genny.
“Girlfriend.” Emily finished extending her hand to Lacy.

I could sense the situation escalating by Genny’s facial reaction and everyone exchanging looks. I saw her took a quick peek at Landen who appears unaffected along with Kimberly.

“I’m happy for you!” Lacy responds enthusiastically.
“Me two.” Kimberly cried. “You must make Genevieve really happy. You’re a lucky one.”

I continue to look at Genny in the midst of all this and all she could manage was a sheepish smile. I needed to save her so I thought up something quick.

“Hey how about this weather huh? Let’s go grab some hot cocoa that Norman has prepared for us. You must be really cold.” I strongly suggested putting my arms around Lacey and Landen, leading them away from Genny. I managed to look back at her in time to see her let out a sigh in relief.

Evee eventually rejoins us along with Edward on a wheelchair, Makenna, and a man named Duke (an imbued hunter recruited by Makenna), and another man named Keenan (another Herald that Evee told us about during the powwow). It brought comfort to my heart to see Edward alive even though he had half a body left to keep him sustained. To Think he was a man that I had feelings for, but I knew all too well that he did not feel the same way so I decided to let it go. Plus he was still devastated about his current situation as a hunter and did not speak much. And to think that Paige is the daughter of a vagrant had me on edge. We haven’t the faintest idea of what she was capable of. So far, she’s able to heal the wounded through the means of touch without any adverse affects. Something tells me that she’s the key to a great malevolent force.

“The pleasure is mine I assure you! Duke Haven at your service!” he said slightly bowing his head in courtesy.
“He’s… unique… but he’s always willing to lend a hand, that’s all that matters.” Makenna whispered to counter my bewilderment.
“Oh… okay.” I nodded.
Duke immediately spots Genny in the crowd. “How does one gain an audience with the famous Genevieve Harbinger?” he inquires.
“Well you see, it goes like this.” I brace myself. You go up to her, and talk to her."
His pupils went from me to the bottom left corner of his eyes then back to me as he was struck dumbfounded.
“Mr. Haven this is a casual event as well as a gathering among close friends and family. Please do enjoy yourself and help yourself to a hot cup of cocoa until the moment of aurora borealis.” I explained.

That’s what it’s all about, aurora borealis, we were all here for that, for that gleaming moment in time to share among friends, family and loved ones…

There was a special surprise that evening little did we know that Mommy & Daddy had extended the invitation to Aaron, Evee’s fiance. We all knew that he had proposed prior to her becoming a mythical being and fled because he couldn’t handle the news of supernaturals roaming the earth. But it appears that he had a change of heart, and I was right when I told Evee that we most often don’t know that we have a really good thing until it is lost to us… Evee’s too precious to let go. My eyes leaked with tears of joy once I saw Evee’s face swell up in tears. She had to be super careful not to give him too big of a hug and I found that hilarious.

“A.A.ron! Is that you?!” Duke cried. Turns out they knew each other in the past. Who would’ve thought?

We all took our spots and positions with everyone next to their loved ones right before the moment of aurora borealis and I couldn’t help but notice Landen make an effort to sit next to Genny in the midst of the shuffle. They were all next to people who were dear to them so he must have been really careful of the choice of his words because whatever he said to Genny that night made her smile genuinely and I could only watch from a distance as I stood from a far with Thor in the back of the crowd. I look to Evee who had a smile on her face also because she surely have heard it which also made me smile to see my sisters happy.

Aurora borealis took our breaths away that night. It was a priceless and memorable moment for everyone. I would never forget it. My ability to see in the dark made it difficult to see aurora borealis so I tried something different. I closed my eyes and looked towards the heavens, then and only then could I see aurora borealis in all its splendor.

(Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers!)

#3 The Guardian

Time: Night
Mood: Surprised
Location: Alaska

Right before the gathering ended Mommy pulled me aside away from the group to a quiet and secluded area.

“What’s this all about, Mommy?” I asked curiously.
She walks me to a omnious tree, then turns to face me smiling warmly and squeezing my shoulders gently, “I think it’s time you meet your guardian. If he had not been there watching over you, I would’ve lost you. There’s no need to be frightened.” She nods and walks off taking Thor along with her.

An uncomfortable silence filled the area right after Mommy took off. I bit my lower lip and fidgeted my fingers uncontrollably behind my back. A nervous habit that I needed to get under control of. There was nothing in front of me but a towering tree that provided darkness on the opposite side. I was sure there was someone there. I could sense their presence.

“It’s okay.” A soft and familiar voice cood from behind the tree and almost instantly my anxiety disappeared. A voice I’ve heard and knew from time and time again from the past. a faceless voice but yet I can vaguely picture it in my imagination. “No harm will come to you.”
I swallowed past the lump in my throat. “Are you ‘M’? You’re a va-”
“Yes. You’re a smart girl. Always was, and always will be. I figured you’d learn sooner or later.”
“Please… step into the light that I may see your face.” I beckoned him. “I wish to see the face of my guardian.”
It’s as if I had him by the heart. He did as I requested of him. He stepped out into the light briefly and showed his sculptured face. A face so fierce yet youthful, and stepped back into the darkness.
“Why continue to hide yourself from me?” I asked sincerely.
“It’s better this way, for your protection from both sides.”
I understood right away what he meant. “Then join our side if you care so much.”
A silent pause. “It’s not that simple, my mentor and I are free spirits. We very much disagree with the rules and the methods that our covenant has established for centuries and choose to live outside those boundaries. We don’t hate our own kind, just don’t like to live among them.” he explained. “But when it comes to choosing between you and my kin, I would choose you.”
I was so confused by his words. “THEN WHY DO YOU CARE FOR ME SO MUCH?!” I bellowed.
“Because…” he appeared right before me one last time and caressed my cheek with the back of his icy hand before he vanished into the night, “You are the daughter I could never have.”

The Gifted

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