The Gifted

#1 aurora borealis part 1: “Recovery”

Time: Day
Mood: Warm
Location: Alaska

A dream of me screaming in orgasm startled me awake and reminded me of a sensational ache between my legs not too long ago. Why am I having these sort of dreams? Is it my subconscious desire to be fucked? Just the thought of it made my insides tremble with delight.

Anyhow, I had to keep my mind occupied and think of something else. As I sat up on the bed I found my lovely sister Genny asleep comfortably on a recliner next to my bed, along with Mei Lien. How long was I out? I wonder, and where was Leslie and Edward? I felt warm and fuzzy besides that feeling on my womanhood. My wounds have completely healed, no surprise there. I flipped the blanket aside and wiggled my feet with inexplicable joy. My self healing ability keeps me amused. A giggle escaped my breath and woke up Genny.

“Thank God in heaven! You’re alright!” she cried, jumping onto the bed and clutching me tightly with her arms
“Why wouldn’t I be?” I laughed.
“Don’t you remember what happened?” she asked with piercing sapphire eyes
“Yeah… but I don’t want to dwell on it.” I replied.

In short, we told each other that we’d tell our stories when the family is reunited to avoid repeating ourselves. I would have woken up in a medical facility, but it would take a miracle to explain to the medical staff why my body healed overnight despite a serious leg injury. But instead we were at a cheap motel as usual to stay under the radar and pointed to Tumaini for the speedy transport. It was mostly thanks to him for keeping me warm. We learned the hard way that a werewolf’s body is always warm.

Edward on the other hand was a different story. He was actually at a medical facility. He was in bad shape. His entire left extremities were… let’s just say that his hunting days were over. Evee was there right now along with the others.

“Others?” I lifted a brow as I tended to Mei Lien.
“You’ll meet him at the gathering. He’s just like Evelynn.” she replied.
She nodded in reply with a hint of disbelief. “There are also more of the ‘others’…”
I returned her disbelief with a look of disbelief of my own.
“This is beyond us. This goes way back, most likely during ancient times.” Genny said.
The thought of ancient times made a knot in my stomach. “Maybe Mommy can shed some light in this situation when she gets here.”
“How is she?” Genny looked to Mei Lien.
“She’s fine. She’s just really fatigued and super exhausted. Whatever she did really did a number on her body. She’ll wake up when she’s ready” I explained.
“Evelynn saw what she did. Can’t wait to hear it.” she said anxiously

I’ve never seen Mei Lien like this. She’s the strongest of all of us. The most skilled, the most disciplined, the most talented. These so called dark angels must really be on a scale like nothing we’ve measured before.

“So… aren’t you excited?” I asked Genny, changing the subject.
“Excited for what?” she cutely tilts her head.
“Landen, duh!” I rolled my eyes.
“OH! Yeah! More like nervous actually. Ha! I need your help. What do I wear?” she asked sheepishly
“Why you asking me? You’re the professional.” I teased. “Why do you get so flustered around him?”
“I don’t know!” she pouted.
“Alright! Alright! I’ll help you.” I giggled. “May I remind you that your girlfriend Emily will be there also, you naughty girl!” I pointed out.
She felt so cornered that she just sighed in grief. “Argh! I’ll never hear the end of it from Mommy.”
“Don’t worry, when the time comes, I’ll distract the right person for you.” I said reassuring her.
“What do you mean?” she said puzzled.
“I’m just as puzzled as you are. We’ll see how it unfolds.”

The Gifted

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