Blending In

#1 Obnoxious Drunkard

Time: 0116
Location: France
Status: Drinking

I’ve had my eyes set on this couple in the corner of the bar and I already know that the female is done for once she walks out of here. Not that I can help it, but I suppose I can make a difference once in while.

It’s been a while since HQ has assigned us a mission… I wonder how the others are doing? My enhancements could use some tinkering and maintenance. Not much I can do, probably going to be a netflix night like most nights if this night goes as I expect it to be.

Of all places to send me for leave, I don’t mind it here the food is great and the people are ni——ce…". Maybe I spoke too soon.

Approximately 6’3’’, medium-large build, he strolled into the bar drunk and demanded a drink right next to me. He introduces himself to me and makes small talk. I decided to amuse him, he was probably kicked out of a previous bar and came right here to get more drinks… He doesn’t even look French and he reeked heavily of alcohol. He rudely interrupts the couple in the corner and makes conversation with them right after he noticed them in the corner of his eyes. Displeased of his unwanted company, the couple gladly decides to get their own room elsewhere. This was somehow going as I expected it to be. I quietly dismiss myself after they left the bar.

I track the couple back to an apartment a few blocks from the bar and they were heated with passion… well at least one was. I successfully and quietly make my way into the apartment without being detected. I can hear the heavy breathing of not two, but one being. This would’ve gone much smoother but…

Smooth McGroove – FF7 Man with the machine gun acapella

The same obnoxious man from the bar kicked the door in and introduced his little friend with a silencer attached to it. The creature turned and hissed towards him, dodging every bullet he fired until it tackled him. They wrestled around for a bit and I was actually getting a kick out of this. I was perfectly concealed and could not be seen, as much as I’d like to help, I think he deserved to get his ass kicked for being a dumbass.

But nonetheless, after much struggle he was the victor by some dumbfounded luck. The female thanked him for his heroic act and then leaves her. He inscribed something on the wall just by her door, something I could not recognize nor even clearly see, on his way out. I decided to follow him and could definitely tell that the fight took a toll on his body. He was heading right back to the bar…

#2 Spanked

Time: 2313
Location: France
Status: Drinking

The following night the same drunkard came stumbling in ordering more drinks as he did the previous night. Didn’t recognized me, probably doesn’t even remember me. I wouldn’t blame him after taking a hit like he did the other night. But tonight was different, a pretty Asian girl called him out in the middle of the crowd and spanked him in the face.

“You cheated on me!” she declared angrily. He instantly recognizes her and throws a half drunken punch toward her which she dodges effortlessly. “Karynn! I thought you died?! It’s because of you Theresa’s dead! Now I’ll have the pleasure of killing you with my own hands!”

As soon as everyone in the room knew it, there was a bar fight between a man and woman… a lover’s quarrel? Seems that way. Everyone decided to cheer for the woman of course, she had the upper hand. The guy is already beaten half to death by a vampire, and now he was wiping the floor with his face. After being humiliated in front of the crowd she runs out on him, and he gets up and follows her.

What could that be all about…?

Blending In

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