Damsel In Distress

#1 Low Profile

Time: Day
Mood: Uncomfortable
Location: New York

Yes please! It’s nice to take a flight for a change instead of driving for prolonged hours! I don’t know how I would’ve survived a road trip from one side of the country all the way to the opposite side. I’m glad I had Aaron travel ahead of time and make reservations.

I had informed Truman while on the plane to help me keep a low profile while we were at New York. The Hunt ain’t no special catwalk for supermodels, and everyone will surely be suspicious of my presence. He agreed to be my personal bodyguard as a coverup in due time, and that’s what Aaron believes him to be.

There was no time for pleasantries or time to settle down, we had to leave right away and meet up with the rest. I convinced Aaron that I’ll be back late at night, and promised him that we’d tour New York together.

Let me just say that it got really awkward really fast in that room once I stepped in… some of them recognized who I was, especially this obnoxious fellow named Duke Haven, but Truman’s stepdaughter Makena Vencer kept him away from me. I had to think of coverup quickly and the only thing that came to mind was that I was Truman’s new super clingy girlfriend… just go with it! Truman and I had to play the part to convince everyone. He was very cooperative and I’m very grateful for that. I wasn’t sure if everyone in there was someone I could fully trust, I was told that we would be working with a few supernaturals, and let’s just leave it at that.

It was a tough crowd, but I got to mingle with a few of the peeps. Olivia Sinclare, I love her spirit and her passion. She is one hell-of-a woman. She is very driven, by vengeance I can tell. Sierra Sinclare, is too kind, looks like she wouldn’t even hurt a fly and she’s very protective of Tumaini, a frail and quiet man. One odd observation was he ate a bowlful of bacon. Nothing, but straight up bacon. Sofia, a dhampir?! I’ve never met one in person. I don’t know whether to be in awed or ignorant but here she was, a living, breathing dhampir! So it’s really true that they are “day walkers”, and they can partake in human meals although majority still prefer blood. You can hardly tell she was even part vampire, she blends in society very well, except with the way she dresses. Very much like a ninja… I can’t wait to assess her abilities on the battlefield. If it’s true they fight on our side, we may just have a fighting chance.

Ethan Hawkins, now here was man of great physique and stature. A really handsome man too. But apparently he’s the “douche” behind all this and the reason why we’re doing this Raid in the first place. His ex-girlfriend Teresa sounds and looks like trouble, but she handles herself well with firearms. They look like the “on & off” or the “love & hate” couple.

I finally got to meet the famous Makena and her fraternal twin brother Jeremy Vencer. They definitely look nothing alike but they have a very strong supernatural link between them. They proved it to everyone by demonstrating with a card trick. These two look serious and means business. They were very well capable and could be possible allies in the future.

Last but not least, Benjamin Kendrick. Another handsome young man with so much potential as I was told. I do not know what he’s capable of doing but the Sinclares have full confidence in him. Something about X-Men sort of stuff. I didn’t really have the chance to speak with him, but he really looks like he wants to save Peyton Sinclare.

#2 Low Profile Part II

Time: Night
Mood: Determined
Location: New York
Music: FFVIII – Don’t Be Afraid

No way I’m sitting this one out. I came this far to sit on the sidelines? I don’t think so. But how was I to preserve my identity? Then an idea struck me.

Later that evening just when the Raid was about to commence, I was able to sneak my way towards the back along with Echo team. Everyone else thought I was part of the team, my helmet worked as a great disguise and they figured it was part of my battle gear. I had with me a P90 sub-machine gun, my basic firearm, knife, and garlic spray.

We waited in position until Alpha team secured the aggro. Once a gunfight was heard from around the front, we set off the explosives mounted on the back entrance and right away, we were greeted by hostiles. Makena, did not hesitate to use her napalm arrows, she had with her a crate full of them! Which were very effective against the bloodsuckers. We had them at a bottleneck until they started return firing from the second floor windows and up.

Shortly, Olivia’s team touched base on the rooftop to flank our foes. Sofia was nowhere in sight, she was probably inside the building already. I located Makena and I gave her the hand signals to watch my back. I was going to make an entrance of my own into the building. We went around to one side of the building were I wrecked our way in. I now have the impression that Makena knows who I am. She was a good shot and had my back until we found our objective.

How on earth did she know there was going to be bloodsuckers right there at that moment? How did she know where exactly to shoot at and which walls to punch?! Peyton must really have the gift of foresight. It was amazing, you can’t really get anymore supernatural than that until that dark angel… what the hell are we dealing with now?

Makena at one moment looked normal, then the next minute looked like she got hit by a car. That’s what she meant by as “one”. That is so dangerous! If Jeremy dies and so will her. Damn.

I knew according to plan that we had to blow up the building so we had to hurry out of there. Listening to Peyton proved to be the easiest way out so far so I kept silent and followed orders.

I can’t explain how easy that extraction plan worked out. It’s as if I should’ve died there, but an angel was looking out for us.

Damsel In Distress

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