Demon Hunter X Chronicles


Often mistaken for Witches, Vampires, Dhampirs, Werewolves, Hybrids (Half Vampire/Half Werewolf), Demons, or Half-demons. These Super Hunters are beyond human and beyond supernatural that the may be classified as another form of entity? Who knows? Just hope that you’re not on the bad side…

  • Demons or other supernaturals take human form to rape or seduce human women. Half-demons are always human in appearance. Half-demons inherit the main power of their fathers. Elemental control, teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy are common, as are enhancements of regular human abilities, such as strength, sight and hearing. This power manifests itself sometime between the ages of twelve and twenty, though you may see precursors of it earlier than that, around ten.

→ The Slayer representing this group is Mei Lien, a young Demon Hunter straight from the depths of China and into The World of Darkness. Follow and observe her journey as she matures and develop her astounding powers in a world of chaos, secrecy, deceit, and hate… who knows? You may just encounter her or one of her kind.

Demon Hunter X Chronicles

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