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Resident Evil 3 – Extinction


First of all, let me welcome you to the Hunt! This game is about being the Underdog. It’s not about being hardcore or badass, or who has the most abilities or the biggest guns. It’s not a pissing contest. This game’s purpose is to be able to feel the overwhelming trials and hardships your Hunter undergoes through the Hunt (It’s all about the Journey of what your Hunter takes, not the destination. It’s about what she did, how she reacted, how she handled it, and how she matured throughout the Journey. Did she cry? Did she give up? Run? Hide? Fight? Fall in love? Make any friends or foes? Did she learn anything? Did she change? If she made it to her destination the same person she was originally, then what was the point of the Journey? She might as well just stayed home. All her decisions and actions is all up to you). Although we have our special Edges and Enhancements to use against our adversaries, the foes are not just supernaturally strong, but they will also be cunning and cheap. So be smart. Be clever. Be wise.

My World of Darkness game will take place in modern time in any part of the globe with up to date hi-tech computer technology, cellphones, guns, up to date music, fashion, medicine, sicknesses, diseases etc, etc, etc. With the exception of some 3rd World Countries who are not caught up with today’s technology.

Also with the exception that your squad may stumble upon a magical item that may transport your ensemble back to medieval times! (In which case you really don’t want to. Monsters back in medieval times are more free to roam and cause havoc upon humanity without the help of hi-tech equipment, plus no modern medicine to help heal devastating wounds. Your lifespan will be very short.)

Although this tabletop RPG is based off WoD, I will be running it uniquely. It doesn’t follow every rule in the rule book. I’m not by the book type of guy and is willing to bend the rules to have more fun (mainly for the sake of story/character development). Most of the rules actually don’t make sense to me and I like to go by what makes sense. The system I’ve developed for my Chronicle is that of the same system I used to play with my friends back during high school. We made up our own rules and game play.

Data and Information

Media and information are streaming 24/7. Just about any information can be accessed via computer or cellphone (smartphone). GPS tracking devices on cellphones makes it easier to keep track of your allies but it can also be used by your enemies. So watch out! Basic cellphones and Smartphones have their advantages and your Hunter can have either one or both. But bear in mind that you will have to pay for two cellphone bills. (Your Hunter will be given a flaw)

The game will be very detailed and based on an open world like setting with complete free will to give off an atmosphere of authenticity and realism though it is fictional. Should your squad split up, turns will be taken on a turn based system with a time limit. Or should your Hunter work individually I will not stop him/her. (Battles for him/her will be twice as difficult or impossible to win just as in an MMORPG taking on a creature of the same or higher level than you.)

Common Sense

The merit Common Sense is banned or any merit that will allow the GM to provide divine counseling. If you don’t have it, your character(s) don’t have it. You must learn to make decisions of your own and face the consequences. This is based off real life, and life as we know it is tough, cruel and unfair. Grow up and accept it!

Relationships and Development

I’m a huge fan of story because the story is what molds and makes your character. I also highly encourage character development and progression (mentioned above) which can develop either merits or flaws for your character. NPCs will also react accordingly to your merits and flaws whether it be a good looking trait or a smell awful trait. Now doesn’t mean you have a high appearance doesn’t mean everyone will fall for you, everybody has different tastes. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As for stink flaws, your social rolls will be more difficult and NPCs will not want to be around your character.

You are human, you have the right to fall in or out of love and we have been given a wide array of emotions as a blessing and curse to expand upon.

Should your Hunter pursue a long or short term relationship with any NPCs that is totally up to you, but on the contrary, they might be interested in you instead. Just keep in mind that you might not be their type and may require an extra wooing on your side to win their heart. This works vice versa with PCs and NPCs, or PC to PC.

Stats and Successes

As for stats and rolls, on most occasions really successful rolls will be often ignored for the sake of story/character development and dramatic effect. What good is the story if the mystery is solved on the first day? (We’re not on a fast-track course!) What good is the story if you always go unnoticed? This will also enable your character to put more effort in the Hunt rather than noticing such incredible detail on a piece of evidence right off the bat. This will be strictly GMs discretion.

When it comes to battle or PVP battles, I have developed a system that works with less time and more dramatic effect. Stats and high success rolls will be often shunned as mentioned above. Remember, you’re a Human Hunter against supernatural creatures with supernatural speed and strength. Your max 5 strength is not the same as their max 5 strength. You can be easily torn like a rag doll. Avoid hand-to-hand combat and use your head instead. Use the element of surprise! It’s always advantageous!

I have also developed a system for melee and long ranged weapons. These arsenal of yours could be the difference between life and death. Hunters are known for the arsenal that they carry along with them and rarely for their edge abilities. Though also bear in mind that carrying so much gear will take its toll on your character. Plan ahead. Think!


You gain experience based on what your character does. Should he/she spend the entire day resting or watching t.v. you get no EXP. You gain EXP by doing something difficult such as killing supernaturals and doing research. You may also gain secondary skills through training and research.

Botches and Mega Botches

Hey they happen. Humans make mistakes. These also tend to happen in movies during critical situations to add dramatic and intensity effect, like so, I will do the same. Should your Hunter botch during a critical time I will provide one that is suitable to the scene, and if your Hunter is all by herself then I can’t do anything for you. She’s pretty much raped in anyway your sick mind can imagine. (This is why it’s recommended that you work with a team)

There will be no re-rolls but if you have grown attached to the character that you have created and don’t want to start with a new one like most people do (Note: losing and creating characters can give you an idea what character you best fit into and what you best play as) I will be merciful and be able to buy a re-roll with the cost of experience points! (still to be determined!) OR a trade for a skill/talent/attribute point! (also still to be determined!)


You are restricted to an Imbued Human Hunter and a SFO Secret Agent (You may wish to create maybe up to 2 characters if you like, 1 of each type).

There will be no Magic Users, Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires or Werewolves as PCs. These are your enemies and your prey. The world perceives them as evil and paranormal entities that plague humanity. Hunters don’t know about Caerns or the Umbra or the Camarilla or the Sabbat. In my World of Darkness, there’s no such thing. These creatures are out for blood and human flesh. This is a World of Darkness ladies and gentlemen, not a World of Sunshines and Rainbows. My World of Darkness game is based off of Horror films/games that you’ve seen in your childhood to today’s recent Horror movies/games.

Game Play

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