Harbinger Sisters

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Genevieve, Evelynn, Rachel

Kito feat. Reija Lee – Sweet Talk – Harbinger Theme
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The notorious Hunter Trio known for hunting supernaturals. These girls are not to be trifled with. Looks are indeed very deceiving. They work as a unit. “Shoot first, ask questions later.” is the motto they go by when it comes to the Hunt. Second chances are rarely given and only to those who desperately seek atonement for their sins, but even they cannot be trusted. The Hunt is not for the faint of heart, it’s as if The Heralds/The Messengers themselves ordained these Three with such extraordinary gifts and responsibilities. Each girl has their own unique and remarkable powers. In addition and for more vigor in the Hunt, their Veteran Hunter parents Leynn & Marcus lend their skills and knowledge to the fatal three.

They may look fragile and delicate but that’s exactly what the real Predators want their predators to think…

→ You want prestige, payback, revenge, vengeance, justice, honor, or simply just to slay supernaturals, whatever suits your fancy. This is it. This chronicle focuses on one thing and that’s the extermination of supernaturals from this World of Darkness. Although you may sound like a killing machine, this however doesn’t mean that you’re beyond reason. You may choose not to listen to reason but these girls will.

Harbinger Sisters

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