Heralds and Vagrants

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The never ending celestial battle between Light and Dark began before time even begun. As the prominent story goes, Lucifer the most beautiful, an Archangel of God convinced 1/3 of the Heavenly Hosts and rebelled for the Throne of Heaven.

A war of unimaginable magnitude took place among the cosmos.

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Lucifer was firmly assured he’d overtake God, however… he underestimated the power of Archangel Michael, the commander and chief of all angels.

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Within a fierce battle, Michael struck Lucifer down and God cast him out of heaven where he fell upon the earth along with his scattered “fallen” angels. These so called angels eventually turned into what common folk call dark angels or demons. Immense and powerful beings. Masters of the Black Arts.

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For centuries they plagued humanity, corrupting the hearts of men, turning them evil and craving for power over others. They dwelled and lived among humans where they conspired among the affairs of men. They seduced and slept with women, creating Hybrids or abominations with untold powers. Overtime, these creatures are known today as Vagrants. Human beings with dormant powers. Unaware, untapped, and unawakened.

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But they weren’t able to mask or hide their very natures for long. Human resistance erupted all over the globe. Forming groups and alliances. These Hunters fight to cleanse the earth, but not all. Some showed mercy and compassion. Amongst these brave souls are a few chosen, bestowed with supernatural power that they may help turn the tide. These Imbued Soldiers fought the good fight, however it wasn’t enough. They were still limited to the weaknesses of a regular human being. Immeasurable amount of casualties rapidly racked up for these men and women.

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God’s heart was burdened at what he saw, so as countermeasure, he sent forth a group of Elite Angels to the earth where they became to know as The Messengers, to some these are known as Shadow Hunters. Anonymous, shrewd, and discreet. They walk among humans, forever vigilant, forever faithful, watching over and defending those who are innocent and weak from evil.

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Overtime, they learn and adapt alongside humans where they also learn to love them. Sometimes, enough that they fall in love with them, also resulting in Hybrids. These Hybrids are different however, their features resemble their ancestors with which their source of power comes from the power of Light, unlike the Vagrants whose power source is Dark. These divine beings are known today as Heralds. People also with untold hidden and dormant powers.

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When a Herald or Vagrant awakens, they will sprout wings that are invisible to the naked eye but visible to supernatural beings. These celestial wings are proof of their proud and ancient heritage. They’re not just for show either…

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There are rumors that Heralds and Vagrants can fully awaken and ascend to their celestial bodies just as their angelic ancestors. When this happens, they spring off 2 more sets of wings with a total of 6 wings! -You could say that the number of wings on their backs determine the power of their current state…

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Heralds and Vagrants

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