Facts about the webs creation 1 This is your bread & butter when it comes to seeking information and allies! This is also where Imbued Hunters meet, organize, discuss, debate, and share information with one another if not in person. There has been previous versions of HunterNet that has been compromised in the past but the HunterNet of today is virtually impossible to be intruded by prying eyes. As if the Messengers or Heralds themselves are moderating the sites, because too much information has been leaked and the safety of just about every Imbued Hunter was compromised.

To a non-imbued hunter, these sites may appear as spyware, popups, ads, etc. To supernatural creatures or non-imbued hunters that is purposely attempting to gain access to HunterNet, the system simply denies them of entry no matter the level of their hacking skills. Or if they attempt to look over the Imbued Hunter’s shoulder all they see is the desktop or a blank screen. The new HunterNet of today works similar of that as The Word among imbued hunters. Only they can see it and understand it, much like their very own Matrix.

Each Creed has their own designated site. Note: You can also visit other Hunter Creed sites, not just your own. Enter at your own risk though, not everyone sees eye-to-eye!


  • Sacrifice = Martyrs: Those who sacrifice their all for their cause.
  • Triage = Redeemers: Those who wish to bring the monsters back into the light.
  • Vitalis = Innocents: Those who refuse to prejudge the supernatural.


  • Firelight = Avengers: Those who seek revenge for the harm done by creatures of the dark.
  • Vigil = Defenders: Those who safeguard and protect the innocent from the darkness.
  • Judgement Day = Judges: Those who mete out punishment based on how monstrous the creatures have acted.


  • Unity = Visionaries: Those who seek to understand the greater meaning behind the imbuing and the existence of the supernatural.

Lost & Rare Creeds

  • Tranquil = Hermits: Imbued who receive psychic static near other Hunters and supernaturals. They should have been the intelligence gatherers for the Imbued, receiving information directly from the Messengers. The unfortunate side effect of Hermit’s powers result in debilitating social anxiety around any form of the supernatural.
  • Annihilate = Waywards: Imbued who have become overly violent towards the dark. Many Waywards suffer from some sort of mental derangement. They should have been the strategists and tacticians of the Imbued; however, Waywards cannot turn the benefits of second-sight off, and are subject to supernatural visions at any time. This tends to cause extreme mental trauma. Though some Waywards can handle this mental strain, the constant reminder of the supernatural can, and sometimes does, turn some Waywards into psychotic killers. Because of either psychosis or Calling-inflicted violent rage, Waywards often see only the need to destroy the enemy, and are known to cause large amounts of collateral damage in the completion of this task.


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