No Arsenal

#1 Detective Truman

Time: Day
Mood: Thankful
Location: Las Vegas

I could not go back to my hotel suite, not in its state. Without a place to stay, Mr. Truman was kind enough to accommodate me in his own home, a gentleman in his own accord. He knew right away that my case was what normal people would call “supernatural”. Not many will believe the stories nor the evidence because they simply do not sum up appropriately. But he believed in the supernatural and he could sympathize for me. During the interview he wrote on a piece of paper a code that only we could understand.

He let me stay in his step daughter’s room since she hasn’t used it since she moved out for college. She’s quite an athlete with so many trophies and medals. Mainly from soccer since childhood, with a bit of track and field, the girl was a natural. She also had pictures of her brother, a fraternal twin so Truman says, they look nothing alike however they shared a very special bond. Their real father fell victim to vampires. Truman then looked after their mother and later married her down the road. Unfortunately, she did not survive the delivery of two unique babies into this world. Ever since then he raised the children as his own and taught them what he knew.

When I got the chance I finally called Mommy to warn her that the enemy may now have the means to track home base and have Genevieve and Rachel in possession or worse. She didn’t like the sound of that and started preparing countermeasures. Soon after that I received a call from Rachel letting me know of her whereabouts. I switched to 3-way where we could all devise a meeting and strategy. I was glad to hear from her but to know that she was all the sudden in San Francisco was surprising. Mommy didn’t seem at all surprised, just content to know that she was still in one piece, however Genevieve was taken from us and Rachel gave us a tip where to start looking.

Karynn Hokkaido was our prime suspect. Thanks to Detective Truman and his police database, we knew of some places where to start looking.

#2 Troublemaker

Time: Day
Mood: Shocked
Location: Las Vegas

Now get this, when we pulled Karynn‘s police records she has multiple arrest records in 10 different states. Never settling down at one place too long, she moves roughly every 6 months or so with no definite pattern. She’s been arrested for homicide, illegal drugs, illegal firearms, all sorts of theft, rape (wow, who would’ve thought!), arson, murder, DUI, hit-n-run, and the list goes on. Her medical history revealed unstable and violent behavior since the age of 10. She’s been in juvenile detention even a mental hospital. She’s been apprehended a few times but only to escape by unknown circumstances. There was some positive stuff about her, she served in the Marine Corps for 4 years, for what? All that discipline for naught? I bet you it’s the mental and physical training she was after. They taught her how to kill, how to move in combat, how to endure and persevere, most importantly how to survive.

She has no known accomplices, her parents are long gone from this earth, and she has two older brothers who are known to be deceased. Kevin, the oldest, was kidnapped at the age of 13 and was never found again. Kory, middle child, died from the H1N1 virus years ago. So the question remains, how does she remain, and who is helping her?

The only property she owned was now what her parents left her and that was a house here in Las Vegas, was where we were going to start searching for clues. The shocking part was, it was the same isolated cabin in the outskirts of Vegas that they took Genevieve to, which was now burnt to the ground.

#3 So Close, Yet So Far

Time: Day
Mood: Stressed
Location: Las Vegas

Daddy just relayed his new found info to me and I couldn’t believe it. Truman and I rushed to the location where Genevieve was just caught to find it completely abandoned. All the evidence was torched, even the vehicles used for transportation were charred almost to a point of non recognition. This Karynn was very clever and cautious. Escaping from these covert group of guys would’ve meant that she had help from the outside or maybe Genevieve simply laid waste of them. Then we would have a serious problem at hand. I hope that isn’t the case, but according to Daddy, if she cannot remember who she really is, then it may be true…

They couldn’t have gotten far. If the info was correct, then Karynn should be heavily injured. Genevieve does not possess a healing power, unless of course she may have developed one, she is highly unpredictable.

I quickly called Rachel for assistance. She would know, she always does, and she was right. If I was Genevieve, I wouldn’t want to drag an injured ally all day, she’s definitely not dumb enough to check into a hospital, she can’t cook food besides instant food, she loves to be pampered… she’d most likely would have returned to one the five star hotels in Vegas. But which one?

I finally got desperate. I whipped out my iphone, uploaded her picture on HunterNet and requested immediate response if anyone saw her in the Vegas area. I also included that she was traveling with a “Triple H” as a warning and heads up for other Hunters.

I had responses within the next 10 minutes that she was seen at this so and so club, at the shopping center, at a magic show, at the Bellagio… once I saw that, Truman and I headed for the hotel.

Once there, we met a dead end. She definitely checked in there according to their logs, but their trail was clean. Nothing was left in their rooms. Where could she have gone to? There’s no way she’s just blowing her money on these high class hotels over multiple nights. That’s just not her at all.

#4 Damsel in Distress

Time: Day
Mood: Curious
Location: Las Vegas

Truman was needed by his step daughter Makena. He was going to have to put the investigation on hold while he goes to help in the east coast. He explained why and told me everything, family means everything to him and that was enough said. I couldn’t just say no to the man, he’s helped me this far, and the least I could do was help him in return.

I informed Mommy, Daddy, and Rachel that I was going to New York along with the reason why. They were hesitant at first, but they came to understand that it was all for good. If we needed the help, they would certainly return the favor in the future.

Aaron was a different story. I don’t know if a I made the right decision but I told him to meet me at New York, I couldn’t help it. I’ve missed him so much…

No Arsenal

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