Safe For Now

#1 Casualties

There was nothing I could do for those that gave their life for me on teams Alpha, Bravo, and Echo, but honor their deaths by remembering them and putting a memorial on the Net. Other Hunters showed their support while others were angry due to the fact that it was just to save one person. Sigh, you can’t please everybody… I didn’t ask to be rescued, but if that were you that was their captive, wouldn’t you want to be saved?

Whatever it’s done. The rest of the surviving volunteers went their ways and the rest of us stayed at one of Olivia‘s safehouses. It was there when I was reunited with a long time friend, Benjamin Kendrick. I was so happy to see him once again, he held me very firmly expressing his concern for me. He almost kissed me, but I turned away knowing full well that we were only friends. Maybe it’s time I move on? I just knew I wasn’t ready to commit just yet, especially being haunted by the deaths of Hunters constantly is probably not healthy for a relationship.

I felt bad for Tumaini who suffered fatal wounds from silver rounds, but nonetheless, he’s going to make it with the help of Sierra‘s healing powers. I didn’t feel sorry for what’s his face, Ethan that fucking douche! He deserved those bullet wounds but Sierra healed him no less. Everyone else I knew made it out okay, except super_gurl, she vanished right after our escape, as well as Sofia. All we got from her was a text saying “til next time!”

Despite our survival rate, I couldn’t help but feel a creepy thought at the back of my mind asking, “was it really that easy?” I just couldn’t help the thought that maybe, just maybe it was all an observation of how my powers worked… FUCK! I mean it has to be true, they relocated my holding cell and switched me with someone, someone on the opposite team might also have the gift of foresight. They knew they were coming for me…

#2 Idiot

Fucking turd! Ethan and his so called girlfriend took off last night, leaving us a note saying he had a “score to settle”. I’m like wtf?! He just sold out the bloodsuckers he used to work for, I’m sure there are stragglers out there that just put him on top of their hit list. Well you know what? Why fucking bother?! If he has a death wish then let it be granted. I have no ties with him, I’m happy here with Benjamin who looks out for me. He said he won’t leave me until this whole thing blows over which is very kind of him.

It somewhat troubles me yet comforting at the same time that he’s around me. I don’t know, but ever since we saw each other again, a spark of interest has developed and I can’t help myself but feel giddy and I get the butterflies when I’m around him.

What am I saying?! Get a grip Peyton! He was your boyfriend’s best friend! He’s a nice guy with special abilities. I wonder if he feels the same though… OMG! Now I’m talking to myself! This is pathetic Peyton… love is for children and I don’t have time for it in this shitty life… ugh why?!

I later saw a vision of Truman’s death when I began sketching again to vent my frustration and to get a free of mind. It wasn’t pretty, in fact it was whacked. How did he manage to hook up with such a beautiful model? It still boggles me, but the important part is that I must warn Makena.

#3 Bored

Okay so I’m not trapped, just “grounded”. Olivia told me not come out of hiding until the coast is clear… but you know what? It’s only been a few days and this safe house is driving me nuts! I swear I’m going to lose it sooner or later! There’s nothing to do here! All I’ve been doing is drawing and I want to do something else! Argh! Save me Jesus!

#4 Date?

Benjamin and I sneaked out of the safe house like rebellious teenagers and went downtown. He too was going crazy of boredom so he decided to take me out. It was risky but he said he would remain cautious.

We made stops everywhere, it was mainly my fault since I wanted to window shop just about everywhere especially at the mall! Wow! I felt like such a child. I saw large banners/pictures of the famous Genevieve Harbinger and sometimes I wished I was a famous celebrity. Afterwards, He took me to a Cheesecake Factory and had outstanding cheesecake! Then took me to get some ice cream! OMG! I was so excited!

One thing that caught my attention while grabbing ice cream was a white Siberian Husky accompanied by a child of about 8 years old with what appeared to be her father though there was no resemblance, buying ice cream also. I complimented the father and child about their beautiful canine as Benjamin and I walked past, but the child replied, “he’s not my dog, the owner went away and promised me she’d come back.” then I thought to myself that they must be puppy sitting.

Afterwards, Benjamin and I decided to go watch a movie theater where he attempted the “arm over the shoulder trick while yawning”. He wasn’t so smooth about it but I just let it be. It felt right. He kept me warm and comfy throughout the movie.

Once we returned to the safe house, we paused outside and he wanted to say something to me, but somehow I felt uncomfortable so I thanked him by kissing him on the cheek and ran back inside.

I somewhat regret it, but I just wasn’t ready, and I feel like a horrible person for leading him on…

#5 Horrific Nightmares

Not a night passes without seeing someone die in my dreams, sometimes I may get lucky and not see anyone die but that is a very rare occasion. Most often than not I end up waking up in the middle of the night from a terrible dream. Their faces… I just can’t bear to see their faces. I just can’t sit on the sidelines while my fellow Hunters are being massacred. It’s selfish of me. I have been given the power to intervene and prevent their deaths, I’m not about to just let that go to waste.

Olivia was convinced, besides she too have felt that enough time has passed since the Raid. Either way, I was going to go with or without her permission. She also felt that it was time to get back on duty and we all came to an understanding. People were dying out there, specifically Hunters and she’d rather die in battle than hide like a coward. “When you hesitate, people die.” that was her saying, and it was time to lay down the law and walk the talk.

Benjamin was going to come with me as well. A promise was a promise. But I keep telling him, “don’t make a girl promises you can’t keep.” then he says, “I will die trying.” :)

Safe For Now

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