SFO Chronicles

Men In Black Theme

Follow or better yet join Nairobi Williams and her squad of “Enhanced” super secret agents battle the forces of darkness and avoid detection from the real world’s detectives as well as ordinary civilians.

There’s also another type of Hunter, and that is the sort of Hunter that is willing to impart himself with today’s biotechnology enhancements to aid in this overwhelming Hunt. These Hunters are more robot than human, but they still have a conscience and a living heart.

Strike Force Zero (SFO) is a top-secret agency known only to the highest echelons of the Japanese government (in other words this is the equivalent of The Messengers to the Imbued). Nobody knows who controls it, rumors have it that a wealthy Japanese man planted this organization, particularly one that had a horrible run in with supernaturals in the past. This Agency has branched out to multiple locations around the globe to help mankind such as The United States, Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Agents are handpicked at childhood, preferably ones with no ties such as orphans and then harbored into a secret facility where they are trained to become supernatural killing machines. They are then released at the age of 20+ or whenever the agency presumes the agent is ready for the Hunt. These hunters work under the radar and work in groups of 3-5 members (limit is 2 others and I will assign them to you). They live as secret agents who await orders from their superior officers to assign them their specific targets.

There has been cases in the past of renegade agents who went rogue due to side-effects of biotechnology implants that became unstable and have become more of a threat to human society rather than help save it. But these rogue agents are quickly disposed of by his former comrades with the given order. The downside to imparting yourself with so much technological equipment is that you are easily seen on the radar. Microchips and GPS tracking devices are also imparted on you.

With that said, the Agency keeps an eye on all its agents and supplies their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and enough money to make it by but not enough to stand out. They are also often given specialized weaponry suitable for the assigned missions. They are free to live as normal human beings however they must answer the Call whenever called upon.

Should you choose to play this role, your hunter knows next to nothing about the Imbued nor their powers and secret codes. They appear as regular people to you and vice-versa. There is nothing supernatural about biotechnology and robotics hence the coverup, but should you pull a stunt in front of them that exposes your enhancements they will be suspicious of you. This works vice-versa as well. Should an Imbued perform one of her Edges in front of you, she is not automatically classified as supernatural. Note that not all Imbued Edges are ever visible to the naked eye.

You start out with 3 cybernetic implants and can purchase additional ones later down the road. Feel free to come up with your own custom implants. Custom implants must be approved by the GM.

Biotech Enhancements

SFO Chronicles

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