Sinclare Sisters

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The Visionary, The Soldier, The Redeemer

The Sinclare Sisters are known for befriending and allying themselves with supernatural beings such as Dhampirs throughout the Hunt mainly because they are simply not fighters, except for one. It’s a great risk and often find themselves being betrayed or tricked at the last minute, however they are often watched and protected by Tumaini a lonely shapeshifter who has found his home among the Sinclare’s.

→ Maybe you’re new to the Hunt or simply have a soft spot for supernaturals, or maybe you simply just don’t give a damn about either side and just want to live life like a normal person. You can. In this Chronicle you will join the audacious Peyton and her sister Sierra deal with the Hunt through noncombatant means. They’re goal is simple. Survive. You will occasionally receive aid from their overzealous sister Olivia if called upon but don’t count on it, she may have her hands full.

Sinclare Sisters

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