Stay With Me

#1 Missing You

Healing everyone that needed medical attention takes a toll on the human body, mine especially, I grow very tired and weary. I needed to retire early as everyone else discussed further matters about the sighting of a Dark Angel. She mentioned that “we were alike in so many ways, but cannot coexist.” what did she mean by that? Plus, she called me an “Angel”. I can still remember staring straight into her eyes, it was mistake I’ll never do again and hopefully won’t ever happen again. It was like staring straight into an abyss… a vast empty nothing… the thought made me shiver.

Ashanti – Only You

Tumaini tucked me in but before he could leave I was able to grab his hand and pull him in for a kiss. I motioned for him to come lay next to me and he did just that. We began to undress each other but I was far too tired so I had him take off my undergarments for me. I didn’t want him to leave again, I was afraid that if I fell asleep, I’d wake up and he’d be gone wandering off again. I didn’t want that, I didn’t want him to leave me, I wanted him to stay with me. I wanted him to hold me, I wanted him to caress me, I wanted him to make love to me, I wanted him to dominate me!

#2 Man Down

Tumaini didn’t leave me, as a matter of fact he cuddled with me all night til the following day. I was probably the happiest woman on earth. He agreed to stay put awhile and help watch over Peyton while I go back to my normal daily routines.

Later on I received an urgent call from Truman and as the nearest healer nearby I came to his aid. It was nobody I knew, however this person was important to his girlfriend Evelynn Harbinger. Which brought up a good question. Where was she? From the way Truman described the scenery, the man was shot from behind quietly and is barely hanging on to dear life. He had just arrived maybe 20 minutes right after it took place. I did what I do best and restored the man to his feet. His name was Aaron, a man of great stature. I don’t know for sure but he could be the assigned bodyguard for Evelynn.

His memory of the incident was brief, no sight of the shooter, but he did manage to see all 3 Harbingers. Holy shit! The Harbinger Sisters?! Who would’ve thought they’re all here, and what on earth are they involved in? I’m not one to pass judgement, but maybe Truman may have some ties with a few supernaturals himself. But that’s his business. I’m only here to heal fellow teammates and help others turn over a new leaf.

He was going to go find her, assemble a Hunting party and track her down. It appears that Makena and her brother was going to join party. I too have agreed to lend them my service.

Just as I thought when things would quiet down for a while, now this :/

#3 Slow Start

It’s been several days since we started tracking the Harbingers and our party consists of Makena, Jeremy, Truman, Aaron, Tumaini, and myself. I don’t know the details, but I sense that Truman isn’t telling us everything. He sounds very cautious and hesitant. On the same note, I don’t know why Aaron has to tag along. I don’t think he knows what sort of trouble he is getting himself into. He’ll become a bystander in this conflict, or is he already one?

I noticed Makena take the initiative and engage Aaron with a series of probing questions. It was then that we learned that he was Evelynn’s real boyfriend. Makena grew mad at Truman for not telling her the truth but he explained sort of why. This was all news to Aaron who had no clue what in the world was going on. At first he became furious to discover that Truman was dating Evelynn, and it almost got ugly at that moment. I was also surprised, but I just kept to myself for it was none of my business. Truman did not explain the whole truth, he just pleaded that we trust him for now. Makena did not look pleased at all. She wanted to know the details right away. She wants information on the Harbingers, she wanted to know why they’re in town and specifically why Truman is covering for Evelynn? There has to be a valid reason why.

Maybe I should speak with Aaron. Maybe I can get his side of the story first, then Truman, and perhaps put it all together eventually, but at this point we weren’t making much progress, just bickering among ourselves.


Makena and I have been separated from the group. Was it a trap? Or was it simply Tumaini’s hypersensitivity to silver that threw us off? But to make the story short they got us. Someone else is on the Harbingers’ trail. A group of Hunters with a very angry leader. They won’t say who they are. Tumaini barely escaped but most likely sustained heavy injuries from silver rounds. I do not know where he is but I worry for his well being.

They questioned us, “what were we doing in the company of a shapeshifter? Most importantly why were we tracking the Harbingers?” I knew we should have just ignored the request on the Net but Makena desperately insisted that we get help from the Net, not a bad idea but not always the best route to go. Not every Hunter is the same nor have the same agenda.

I told them that I followed the path of Redemption, and was vouching for Tumaini. I could already tell then that some of them were displeased and could not understand why I have compassion towards supernaturals. But I turned the question back to them, “why are you tracking the Harbingers?” and the group leader responded, “one of them has my daughter and I want her back. She means the world to me.” He sounded very desperate and the tone in his voiced hinted that he misses her very much.

I felt his pain and calmly spoke to him that I was willing to help if he would let us, since we we both had a similar target afterall. Makena agreed and have already made a telepathic message to her twin.

His name was Edward and he agreed to work as a team. Right now his priority was just getting his daughter back safely even if it meant working with supernaturals…

#5 “Unfriendly Fire”

Edward‘s team turned on us unexpectedly when we thought we had an agreement to help one another… You see, this is the problem about working with the vengeful hearted, they just can’t grasp the concept of forgiveness nor see past the monstrosity and look at the inside of a supernatural.

We have now deviated from the original plan and is now fleeing from our own kind. They requested for immediate back up to take down Tumaini and now there’s a price on his head all over the Net.

Once we had gathered momentarily, Tumaini volunteered to seperate from the group and lead the Hunters astray since they were only after him… I did not want to leave him, I wanted to stay by him. It was painful to see him go, but it was the only way to make progress and get back on track.

It was ugly, everyone including me was injured in the firefight that came upon us. Their wounds were nothing I’ve seen before, however I am unable to heal myself and no one else had the ability to heal. I know right? What kind of healer was I, to be able to heal others but not herself? I don’t know… I am at this point just about to pass out…

Stay With Me

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