The Word

Also known as, “The Speech of Angels”

The Word is what Imbued Hunters call the strange symbols that they alone can understand. The ability to create and understand these symbols was given to them by the Messengers/Heralds (or whatever higher power your Hunter believes in).

All those imbued by the Messengers share several blessings specifically these two specific powers: Second Sight (able to distinguish supernaturals), and the ability to understand The Word. Any Imbued Hunter who sees The Word instantly understands the symbol’s meaning, despite never having seen the image before. The exact meaning behind each symbol depends on the creator’s intent: a symbol for “Haven” can have different meanings depending on the creator. Note: Second Sight does not have to be activated to be able to sense The Word. T

The Word goes unnoticed by supernatural creatures; this seems to be a safety mechanism, the Messengers seeking to make the Word invisible to non-imbued hunters. This camouflage is not perfect however, Word symbols drawn by non-imbued hunters seem “wrong” to Imbued Hunters who see them, and they generally recognize that they are fake.

Although there is a general list of symbols that is understood by all Imbued Hunters, there are several that may only be understood by followers of the same virtue. Some Hunters speculate that this is because followers of each virtue experience the hunt in very different ways; an Innocent doesn’t know the fury of an Avenger, for example, while an Avenger would have a hard time relating to the compassion of a Redeemer. F

Yes, in other words, these symbols have emotions embedded into them, even memories, that only Imbued Hunters can understand. They don’t even have to touch it, it is a given. Hunters may even sense them nearby or in the dark if they focus enough. It may serve as a warning for other Imbued Hunters in the area, such as the “Spider Sense.” This is the unique language of the Imbued and it’s solely for their advantage and use against the supernaturals. Mishaps happen and non-imbued hunters may attempt to communicate via The Word but the common Imbued Hunter can definitely distinguish that it is plagiarized due to the fact that non-imbued hunters do not share the same imbuing that links all Imbued Hunters as one. P

Blind Imbued Hunters or Imbued Hunters that have lost their vision from the spoils of the hunt get a better sense for these symbols far greater than the common Imbued Hunter who can see. They may not be able to see the message directly, but they definitely sense the joy, despair, rage, turmoil, disturbance, passion of The Word better than any other Imbued Hunter and still get the gist of what the message originally implied.


The Word

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