Angels and Demons

#1 Teresa

We wasted no time in preparing this trap for Karynn and the Harbingers once we arrived in France. We don’t know what sort of supernaturals to expect but always expect the worst, as my sister Olivia says.

We had no acquaintances here but we were able to receive help from the Net, thanks to my heritage. Just about everyone who volunteered to help spoke little English so language barriers were at a minimum. The place designated for the trap was a public park, I’m not entirely sure why.

Finally, after all our arrangements Ethan shows up an emotional drunk. He was babbling on about how he failed to win his brother over and that he was just an overall failure himself. Teresa on the other hand faithfully remained by his side finding words to comfort and boost his morale. After all this time I thought that she might have left him already, but she’s a much better person than I had anticipated.

We got ourselves into position and waited for something to happen. We stationed at least 5 sniper volunteers to lookout for Ethan’s head out in the open, we weren’t entirely sure if they wanted him dead or alive.

Nightfall came and all was quiet. It was late and there was no one else in the park but us. I began to get nervous and different worst case scenarios keep appearing in my mind. I had to stay calm. My task was simple. Stay alive, stay out of combat, and heal. Everyone else was out of sight in their own hiding spot. Ethan sat on a bench near a fountain, his guard was down and starting to sober up.

Another hour passes by, and suddenly I hear Teresa’s voice call out Ethan followed by Ethan’s scream of terror. When I looked up, Teresa no longer had a head.

#2 Outmatched

Assassin’s Creed – Countdown

Ethan immediately dove into the fountain for cover while the rest of us frantically search the location of the enemy sniper. A ferocious growl was heard nearby and Truman radios “werewolf!” to everyone. I hear it speeding through the terrain. I assume people with silver rounds should have switched already and started firing at the beast. It was heading straight for Ethan. I radioed our designated snipers but none were responding. Everyone else came out of hiding and started firing at the werewolf. Oddly though, the werewolf strayed towards a different direction. I couldn’t see everyone but they were crying out on their transceiver that they’ve been shot. Only one person was my utmost priority and that was Ethan, however I was very concerned about Makena. Truman requested immediate medical attention so as quietly and stealthily as I could, made my way over to his location… wherever that might be.

I stumble across Makena who took a hit from the charging werewolf and put her back on her feet. She couldn’t make contact because she had a faulty transceiver to begin with. Then I continued to trek through the park in search for Truman. When I found him, he was bleeding out, multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. I managed to save him in the nick of time.

Next we backtracked towards Ethan’s location and saw Evelynn Harbinger pointing her sidearm towards Aaron.

SHOOT HIM!” Karynn demanded. But Evelynn couldn’t do it for some reason. She was trembling as she was fighting against herself. "Sweetheart, it’s me, your “teddy bear”." he explained, “Don’t you remember me?”

I was so sure that Aaron was a goner, but something unexpected happened. Evelynn turned on Karynn and shot her instead. Then Evelynn turned around and waved her hands as if trying to get a sniper’s attention.

Truman, Makena and I emerged from the bushes to join Evelynn who recognizes all of us, but just as we thought the tables had turned, something else happened. A figure revealed itself from the shadows and took both Evelynn and Aaron by the throat, the werewolf from earlier came out of nowhere and lashed towards us. Makena pushed me out of the way and takes a gashing wound in my place. The beast knocks Truman against a tree very hard and loses consciousness. It charges towards Makena but I place myself in between them and looked at the beast straight in the eyes. All of a sudden, it comes to a halt and calms down.

“Ooh. You’re one of those type of Hunters… your type annoys me.” said the man that emerged from the shadows.

#3 Outmatched Part 2

Assassin’s Creed – Countdown

Just when we thought everyone was done for, Ethan sprung out of the fountain and made the baddies go away. Taking along with them Karynn’s body without anyone noticing til the last minute.

Everyone gathered by the fountain which probably wasn’t a good idea but nearly everyone was just in a state of dying. Edward came limping with Jeremy who had a broken leg and some pretty serious trauma. Edward lost his right hand to the werewolf and was doing a good job to control the bleeding… I felt myself crumble to the ground as soon as I finished healing Makena. I haven’t completely recovered from my gunshot wound and I was overexerting myself to the point of extreme exhaustion. I could no longer heal anyone else, otherwise I’d die myself from the lack of life energy. Makena held me close and gave me her leather jacket to keep me warm. All I could do in return was weakly smile at her. That leaves us with 5 able bodies to fight, but we were completely outmatched, furthermore there was something else coming, something more frightening than a vampire and werewolf, something I had encountered earlier.

A beautiful female with long brown hair appeared from the shadows this time with a wicked smile on her face. A pair of dark wings grew from her back, like those of the one I saw from the raid. Her wings was beautiful yet frightening. A dark aura surrounded her and she said that it was time to put an end to us.

The 5 of us that could fight opened fire at the “demon” but it was to no avail. She simply blocked gunfire with her wings and countered by one sweep of her wings to blow a violent gust of wind towards us, throwing everyone off. She raised a hand towards the fountain and by some telekinetic power raised a huge amount of water and splashed it towards us. It was no longer ordinary water, it began to dissolve through our clothes like acid! Everyone screamed from pain and quickly as they could remove their most outer garments before the acid burned through. Makena was down to her undergarments!

Ethan gave the command to flee while he distract her. He knew that there was no way we were going to win this fight not by a long shot. There was no way anyone of us were leaving this place alive without sacrifice, and somehow I knew that also deep within my gut, as painful as it sounds and feels, it was the only way. Truman nodded and agreed.

Once more, another wave of acid water splashed at us and this time Truman took a devastating hit for Makena as he shielded her with his body. Makena screamed and cried as she watch her step father’s body melt before her own eyes.


Evelynn suddenly became filled with anger and made a run towards the demon with a balled up fist ready to punch on contact.

#4 The Least I Can Do

Assassin’s Creed – Enough for One Life

My heart cries out in sorrow for Makena’s loss and there was nothing I could do. I could barely even stay awake. I lied there helplessly watching her cry over her dead step father’s melted corpse.

Evelynn caught our attention as she punched the dark angel and launched it beyond the norm of human capability. She was the one and only super_gurl that every Hunter talked about. After that she immediately took hold of us and fled. I felt terrified that even the great super_gurl must flee from such a creature. It must mean that the creature we were up against were beyond our league. Again, there was nothing I could do…

The next thing I remember was seeing Aaron get stabbed through the chest with the dark angel’s arm swiftly and effortlessly, then tossing him aside. Then we all saw something extraordinary occur. Something out of this world that shook the earth around us, a cry out to heaven. Evelynn became something else, something similar to our opponent but with a rather warm glow instead, and a pair of angelic white wings.

This was it, my opportune chance to do something and make a difference while Angels and Demons battle. So with what strength I had left, I used to crawl over to Aaron. I had to hurry for the brain will not last. Surely, I knew inside my heart that this was my last breath of life and I would not live to see another day, but it was the least that I can do.

Angels and Demons

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