Back In Action

#1 Awe

Time: Day
Mood: Disoriented
Location: France

Ohhh my head! What have I been doing this whole time?! What was I doing in France?! After much explaining from my family I was stunned from how much I’ve missed! I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been so out of it. To find out that one of my sisters now have Angel wings was unbelievable, I mean it’s not possible! She can fly! It’s ridiculously beautiful! She even mentioned that I may also sprout my own at any given time! I laughed at the idea but she was serious. She was never the Joker type…

After a much needed hot shower, I went through all my things to see if I can remember anything specific about why I was here or where I was brainwashed. I had brought all my hunting gear so one thing was clear, I was set out to hunt someone but where do I even begin? I had so many missed calls from Kimberly, my family, and Karynn… hmm she probably doesn’t even know that I’m no longer under the influence, maybe we can trace this back to the source since I don’t remember much at all. Mommy had a game plan.

#2 Karynn’s Agenda

Time: Night
Mood: Nervous
Location: France

I’ve been so used to having Rachel watch my back during these kind of things, but now she was on the opposing side. How could we compete against her? Daddy was the one going to find her “sniper’s nest” while I go in alone. We’ve already had confirmation from Mommy that they have entered their site. Rachel separated us, a smart move. This was undeniably a trap. At an airport hangar with a private jet was our location.

I make my way inside the hangar and there sat Karynn and her two brothers on a dinner table prepped with food waiting for me. There was an open chair set up for me. One of the two brothers looked familiar, the one sipping “wine” in a glass cup. The other, did not speak much. Our conversations were brief and to the point. They wanted me to go back with them to the United States and help them do their dirty work by disposing of fellow hunters. Karynn was behind all this after all, she simply wants to get rid of all the hunters in the world even though she was one herself. I would’ve said yes for the sake of Ethan and Rachel, but that all changed after Ethan burst out of the private jet and yelled “DON’T DO IT!” He’s managed to free himself, and that’s when shit got real.


I thought about flipping the dinner table to cause a distraction however it was too heavy for me, I must’ve looked stupid in front of everyone when I failed to do so, it’s what Evelynn would’ve done… but it’s whatever. Karynn pulled out her guns and opened fire at Ethan, right before I could even pull out my sidearm, I was taken by the throat and a pair of red eyes were staring right into my own. It may have worked before but not this time. My body began to heat up, my hands with searing red hot lava and I literally disarmed the bastard and his arm turned into ash as I crush it with my burning hands. He cried like a baby and took off, while the other brother was already in mid-transformation so I immediately slit his throat with my combat knife in a flash. When I looked back he had already fully transformed and the transformation healed his wound. Now I had an angry shapeshifter on my ass.

#3 Reinforcements

Time: Night
Mood: Agitated
Location: France

None of my weapons could deal enough damage to cripple the shapeshifter, it would heal fast enough for me to even make it stagger, and my molten hands couldn’t get in deep enough without me getting mauled. If only I had remembered to bring my katana I’d do some real damage and note to self: always bring silver bullets and make silver blades. All I’m doing right now is playing a game of cat and mouse. I’ve been evading all night long until the bloodsucker jumped back in unexpectedly. He had correctly anticipated where I was going to evade to next and had fired a bullet my way that I took in the gut. He’d been watching the flow of my movements from the shadows and managed a lucky hit when I least expected it. I fell hard and fast almost smashing my face onto the concrete. I immediately applied pressure on the spot only to bring a large amount of pain in my efforts. The shapeshifter ruthlessly took its opportunity and took a swipe at me. I only managed to turn my back in the nick of time and barely dodged its devastating attack. I took a slash mark that looked like wolverine’s claws except only that it did not look like a clean cut but one that looked horribly wrong. I took a tumble and a fall that left me supine on the cold concrete floor. The shapeshifter stood over me and with no remorse literally almost took my life that instant, but I found myself in the arms of a young Asian girl dressed in red drifting away from the shapeshifter.

“Mei Lien just in time! Mei Lien save pretty lady from wolfman!” she said.

She was very strong for her size and figure. Being able to carry me effortlessly. Who was this girl and what on earth was she!? She barely looks 16! She puts me down and takes out what looked like silver nunchucks from a panda backpack she carried on her person. She took the shapeshifter head on. She was fast. Ridiculously fast. Her reflexes was very much supernatural, and her strength was unbelievable. What struck me the most was that all her actions were executed with such finesse and grace. While I stood there awestruck, the bloodsucker appeared out of nowhere and took hold of me with whatever arm he had left and revealed two fangs ready for penetration. I could barely move let alone stand. I’ve heard of rumors even read that to most people if not some, the person being bitten would succumb to an immense amount of pleasure and that this would be it. My time had come, however saved yet again by another. A crossbow arrow had struck him from the back and began to dissolve his skin like acid. Holy water? I thought to myself. Despite his critical injuries he was desperate, he persisted and assumed to draw my blood in hopes of recovering himself. I fought back with whatever strength I had left in me but I couldn’t push him off me. Soon a second crossbow arrow lands on his back also with the same effect. This time I was able to push him off me, reach for my sidearm, pop it into his mouth, tilt it upwards, “SUCK ON THIS.” and pulled the trigger to blow his brains out. Finally, he stopped moving and his body slowly turns into ash.

As for the shapeshifter, when I looked, it looked like it was almost beaten to death by a metal rod, but worse, a metalloid element called silver had it whimpering like a puppy. That small Asian girl did all this??? It could no longer fend for itself and beaten beyond recognition. A man with one hand walked up to the creature slowly, cocked and loaded a double barrel shotgun, pointed it at its heart and said. “This is for my hand, asshole.” Then finally puts the shapeshifter out of its misery.

My injuries have already started to heal if not noticeable. I managed to yank out the bullet that was lodged in my gut and threw it aside. My back slightly felt better already, but I knew I was forgetting something. I had lost track of Ethan. My assumption was that he and Karynn were duking it out inside the jet. Not sure who would come out victorious but before I could go and check up on him, the girl who called herself Mei Lien and the one handed man took a bullet each, incapacitating both instantly. Then Rachel appeared with Daddy as hostage at gunpoint.

“Come with me if you want Daddy and your friends to live.” she demanded.

#4 She Got Away

Time: Night
Mood: Relieved
Location: France

Rachel was out of my “flash” range I couldn’t do anything and she knew my limits. However something unexpected came about. A little girl came running into view with Thor. She knew Rachel by name and she called out to her.

“Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!”

Rachel seemed hesitant and looked distraught, almost as if she was trembling. Thor ran up to his master excitedly and was whining like a pup that had missed its mother. Before I knew it, she fell to her knees hugging Thor and began to cry. It was just like when I woke up from my own mind control. I remember everything and everything became much clearer.

Daddy and I rushed to her side to hold her but soon disrupted by the other two that were shot down by Rachel. The little girl ran to the strange one handed man and called him “Daddy” and gave him a hug. To my surprise his bleeding came to a halt and was healed. He was healed through physical contact with his own daughter! I looked at Rachel and she nodded at me giving me the confirmation that the child was indeed one of “us”.

After all the sentimentality, Rachel towered over the injured Asian girl and pointed her gun right at her face. “What are you?” she demanded. “It’s ok. She’s with me.” The strange man said. Rachel eased up and apologized to the girl. She placed her hand on the bullet wound and healed it within minutes.

The jet plane engine suddenly awoke and began to make its way out of the hangar and onto the landing strip. A beaten half to death Ethan falls out of the cockpit door and onto the ground. We all rush to him but could not catch the jet in time. It appears that we’ll be giving Karynn a head start back to the USA.

#5 Keep It a Secret!

Time: Night
Mood: Worried
Location: France

This Ethan Hawkins and Edward McMullan was able to put 2 and 2 together and realized that I was a hunter but I don’t think they know that I was the “Yellow Flash”, so let’s just keep it at that. I actually didn’t have to do anything, it was Daddy who made the threats if word got out he was going to go “Batman” on their asses, and I couldn’t help myself but laugh. Daddy’s always been overprotective of us, especially me…

Rachel healed Ethan Hawkins and we quickly made our way to Mommy’s location. She wasn’t responding to our calls so we were more than just a tad bit worried, plus Evelynn wasn’t responding either.

Once on scene we found ourselves on what looked like a scrapyard. Thor found Mommy passed out a few blocks away in a pile of debris with a metal pole sticking out of her gut, miraculously, no vital organs were hit and Rachel was able to heal her in no time once we yanked her out of it. I’ve never seen Daddy in such a state of sadness before. He really loves her.

As for Evelynn… well where could she be? Even Rachel can’t figure it out.

Back In Action

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