Parasite Eve Theme

Conviction is a measure of the Hunters’ faith and belief in their assigned role. Some Edges require spending some Conviction to work, but most of them will work just fine without it. That being said, Conviction has four special benefits to a Hunter:

  • Spending a point of Conviction triggers the Second Sight, allowing a Hunter to pierce illusions and know whether anything or any person within their field of vision is not human. Hunters must use observation or Edges to further identify what kind of supernatural creature they are confronted with, however.
  • Spending a point of Conviction also makes Hunters immune to supernatural fear, possession, emotion and mind control.
  • Hunters may spend Conviction on their Edge dice pools. One extra die is rolled per point of Conviction, and if the roll succeeds, the Conviction is not spent, and will even rise because of the Hunter’s surge of confidence at seeing his powers at work.
  • Whenever Conviction maxes out at 10 points, a Hunter may trade in their Conviction for a point in one of the Virtues (Mercy, Vision or Zeal), making the Hunter more powerful. This is the only way Virtues may be increased, and thus the only way Hunters may acquire new Edges.

Character Creation

  • 7/5/3 for Attributes
  • 11/8/5 for skills, talents, knowledges
  • 30 Freebie points

Back story is required for these Hunters. They live double lives just like super heroes and it takes a major toll on their daily lives. The Imbuing is something not everyone wants in life, either chosen or forced upon your Hunter is now “awakened” in the presence of Supernaturals. Your Hunter must choose a path (Creed) to follow or choose to be neutral (Bystander). By becoming Bystanders, your Hunter is not empowered with special gifts but rather become aware of supernaturals for the rest of their lives. (The true Underdogs are Bystanders, they have no powers or whatsoever. Plain and simple human. Period. However, Bystanders may awaken their edge powers if they become devoted to the Hunt (GM discretion). You may also choose to play this role if desired.)


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