#1 Thor

I don’t like airplanes! They’re too loud and they don’t give enough space for sitting! I couldn’t sleep or meditate! Why we go this far to return dog?! Edward said he owes girl a lot so he return dog in person, and all the way to France? I’ve never been to France. This should be good learning experience.

Thor is really good and pretty dog. He well behaved all the time and even on flight. He likes Paige and Paige likes him, but I think he misses owner. Rachel Harbinger. I don’t know this person but Paige said she’s really nice person. Thor is really smart dog too, like no other dog I seen.

This adventure is good. My English is getting better. I practice and learn more as I hang out with Paige. She’s really cute and good person. Edward is always busy and working on “laptop” I don’t know what it is but it looks hard and complicated.

Paige and I got to know each other real good. We entertained each other the whole way. I sense she is special person.

#2 French Cuisine

Food here is good! Mei Lien likes! Almost everyone here speak funny English like me! They speak language called French. It sounds funny! Hard to learn. Mei Lien have no time to study French but like to study how to cook French food!

Harbinger sisters? Genevieve? Rachel? Both really tall and pretty girls! Edward said they famous on t.v. and magazine. What are those? I save Genevieve from ugly wolfman, I don’t care if you famous or not, I save everyone from monsters! Then we meet tall buff man called Ethan Hawkins. He says he lost fight from woman, I laugh at his face!

Next we go save Evelynn Harbinger but we no find. Thor no find pretty lady. But I sense evil spirits in area. Mei Lien no like. Mei Lien need to ward spirits and pray to ancestors for help. Mei Lien get bad feeling about Evelynn…

Now we stay in France in place called hotel. Mei Lien don’t like. Mei Lien want peace and quiet. City is noisy! Mei Lien have hard time meditating, but really pretty girl Harbinger wants to stay at 5 star hotel. What it means 5 star hotel???

#3 5 Star Hotel

Mei Lien still don’t understand why they call “5 star hotel”, Mei Lien no see any stars, but Mei Lien likes really nice hotel! Mei Lien first time seeing big swimming pool and very nice beds!

Last night Harbingers talk about Angels & Demons, they talk about missing sister and how to find but no idea where. Mei Lien don’t like demons, Mei Lien demon hunter! Mei Lien train her body her entire life! Mei Lien will help!

When everybody go to sleep Ethan, Rachel and dog stay up and talk all night. They laugh and giggle. I think they like each other. They don’t know Mei Lien is meditating and listening quietly. When they found out they go to bed. Mei Lien thinks Ethan is big stupid head, just like papa. Papa sweet talk mama one night then never come back.

Next day Mei Lien wake up early and meditate on balcony then do dance of “flying daggers”. After training, Paige teach Mei Lien how to play monopoly… ARGH! Is complicated! Then Mei Lien notice Ethan talking to other pretty Harbinger girl. Big stupid head! Mei Lien thinks stupid head is up to no good.

Night time come and they both still talking. Paige now teach Mei Lien snakes and ladders, much easy to learn! Edward also come and play with us, but Harbinger with dog went to balcony. Now Mei Lien wants to cook and teach Paige how to cook!


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