#1 Break or Bail?

Time: Night
Mood: Mischievous
Location: San Francisco

Alright so we’re being chased by three shapeshifters in the streets of San Francisco in the middle of the night. Bystanders are very limited but this means that these guys have nothing left to lose if by means they’re pursuing us in plain sight. They’re out for one thing and that’s to kill so here I am maneuvering Edward’s black van to the best of my ability with my dear sister unconscious in the back.

They’re catching up! I thought to myself a I peeked at the side mirror with the lettering “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” on the mirror which to I always thought was somehow a good laugh given the the situation.

One of them had managed to land on top of the van and I was able to shake it off successfully by a hard left. Soon after one was able to slash one of the rear tires slowing us down drastically and making it difficult to make sharp turns. I only had one thought in mind when they finally struck the vehicle causing it to flip and tumble off course, and that was how I was going to get Genny out of this alive? That’s the last I remembered right before smashing my face onto the steering wheel.

I woke up around 1600 feeling refreshed like I always do after a solid amount of REM sleep. There was a note left on the bedside table for me saying:

“Looks like you do have a guardian angel watching over you.” ~ XOXO, G
p.s. Got real life work to do.

I rolled my eyes and threw the note aside. Next to the note was some Mcdonalds for me. I don’t eat fast food much but I didn’t complain, what made my day was the bottle of chocolate milk along with the meal. Hehe.

I also realized that I was no longer in battle dress uniform. I was in pajamas. The men looking out for me claimed it was Genny who changed me and for their sake I hope they’re telling the truth. I dismissed them because I’m sure they had families to attend to, but I have to admit that they’re dedication to Daddy was remarkable.

Without much further delay I immediately hopped on the NET to learn what happened after our failed operation last night. News about Hokkaido Plaza was definitely trending. Even in regular news, three suspects were brought to the local prison after a visit to the local hospital. I had to get in contact with them. I could visit them but I might get pinned as a known accomplice and I didn’t have any disguises on me. I wasn’t about to let Edward and the others stay in prison for how ever much time they were sentenced for. Paige needs her daddy, and I’m going to make sure that they’ll be back together soon!

Just my luck, Mommy phoned me with good news. They were on the way to my location along with Evee who they found in the middle of Italy. Wow! An idea suddenly struck me thought it may not be the brightest it sounded fun and troublesome at the same time, ridiculous if you ask me. What was I thinking?

I welcomed them with open arms when they arrived except for a stray dog Evee encountered. Immediately I knew it was a shapeshifter once I felt a nasty vibe from it, but before I could even say anything, Evee was on top of things. She said that “it” saved her life… which was total news to me. I’ve never heard of shapeshifters saving hunters before, but in this case I believed her in return for saving her life.

“It’s apparently attuned with the spirits.” Evee said. “They led him to me.”

More news to me as I sprayed the chocolate milk out of my mouth as I was drinking it. How can shapeshifters commune with the spirit realm?! This was a topic worth researching indeed. My interest is piqued.

The dog looked frail and skinny, afraid to the touch it hid behind Evee in fear of the unknown until we made eye contact. From hazel to deep blue, it came forward. I reach out my hand to it giving it permission to sniff me. It drew closer towards me, its eyes never leaving my own then that’s when I heard a voice in my head.

“You and your sisters are the chosen ones.”

A cold shiver crept up my spine and the dog proceeded to licking my hand after it sniffed me. I was speechless…

Mommy & Daddy left to attend business of their own and I removed the brand that was imprinted on Tumaini, the shapeshifter’s name. He barked at me with gratitude and a nostalgic feeling came over me. I miss Thor.

The shapeshifter was a matter of another time. Right now I needed Evee’s help in breaking out my hunting party out of prison. It would indeed serve to test Evee’s newly acquired powers but the plan was poorly conceived. The aftermath would not be healthy for Edward’s daughter. Break or Bail?

#2 Low Profile

Time: Day
Mood: Contemplative
Location: San Francisco > Los Angeles
Current Song: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Until we found a solution Edward and Mei Lien would have to lay low. Surely enough they were on the news the following day. There will be a manhunt for these two, but apparently the police station had a “technical glitch” in the system and somehow other prisoners were also able to escape so the manhunt won’t be so focused on our two fugitives.

There was no trace of Karynn anywhere. It was like she simply vanished into thin air, but it was too convenient at the time, she’s definitely still alive and this must also bother Ethan so I sent him a text. He’s with Peyton’s group in the meanwhile and meeting in person is just not an option at this point since Evee’s identity would be at stake, speaking of which, I was astonished by her performance last night. With such power on our side we could accomplish much however she did told me about the so called “dark angels” one of which was just inconceivably too powerful, one that tore off her majestic wings with her bare hands. She spoke of four all with different and unique abilities, as well as conjure an ethereal melee weapon out of thin air. Could Evee do the same? Surely we haven’t seen the extent of her full powers. She still needs learn how to harness her new abilities.

With no lead to go on, I had several subjects to look into: Mei Lien’s supernatural abilities, for one not imbued by The Messengers, she must be of different hunter origin, one that dates centuries ago. Tumaini and his attunement with the spiritual realm, as if they’re another form of guardians or messengers. Lastly, this so called “light angel vs dark angel” façade. I’ll need to run some experiments back at our Secret Lair as well as get some help from other brilliant minds on the NET.

We made our way back to Los Angeles in Edward’s black van full of goodies. Based on what he said and according to experience he simply accumulated all this arsenal over the years from the spoils of the Hunt, most likely from Raids. I mean that’s smart and brilliant, the hunter that died next to you in battle, someone’s going to pick up his loot eventually, better a hunter in this case and reuse for another event. He must’ve been a “cleaner” for the hunters or still is. I’ve heard of these guys, practically like ghosts, a specialized group within the ranks of the imbued that cleans up after a raid or a hunt, and make it look like a totally different scenario. Haha, like the Men in Black, I crack myself up.

Mei Lien’s always focused, patient, disciplined, quiet and meditative, if not she’s quite a handful. Always the curious, innocent, and naïve guise like a puppy, definitely can pass for a child or a tourist, but she looks very young, as a matter of fact we’re the same age! She must not get out much. Perhaps from a very strict, protective family and culture. She must be just learning to spread her wings, if that’s the case she also hasn’t revealed the extent of her powers as well… if misguided she can be very dangerous on the battlefield. I can’t even lay a finger on her when I sparred with her. I’d like to see her go toe to toe with Genny sometime, but I have the feeling that even with her unrivaled speed, Mei Lien can come out on top. She handled both vamps and shifters alike, I can’t imagine an army of Mei Liens and what they’re capable of doing.

Tumaini is “its” name. He seems to be fond of Evee and stays close to her. So far all we have on him is that he’s a shapeshifter, that loves bacon, raw preferably, and prefers to be in “dog” mode? Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know. I didn’t even know shapeshifters had this form. There’s speculations from fiction stories of this form like “Twilight”, but I highly doubt that vampires glittered during the day, that’s probably the day I’d see grandpa Alden come back to life or Blade stake his own heart.

As for Evee, well it appears she no longer needs the necessities of being human. I see no sign of fatigue, hunger, thirst, or the need for sexy time? I wouldn’t know. She claims to still have strong feelings for AJ, so she’s still capable of emotions and desires. She still has her free will, which brings up the theory of light vs dark. Can an angel stray to the dark side and vice versa? One thing I know for sure is that she’s still as beautiful and lovely as ever. I think she takes after Mommy the most.

It was a long drive back home and I was able to gather intel by way of conversation and familiarizing myself with these members of ours. I have much research to do. I can’t wait to see Thor.

#3 Calvin

Time: Day
Mood: Surprised
Location: Home
Music: Alex Clare – Too Close

I was in the middle of a sparring session with Mei Lien when Cal dropped by unexpectedly. He was watching for a good while. Didn’t reveal himself until I fell on my bottom.

“Looked like that hurt!” he laughed as he approached, extending a hand to help me up.

OMG! It was so good to see him after a long while. He was on a short break from his schooling overseas. He takes up after his mother in the medical field and just as brilliant, however he also takes up after his father in wood shop. He’s quite a bit of a handyman. He enjoys working with steel and making metal art as a hobby.

CAL!” I cried out delightedly, taking his hand and giving him a big hug. “How’s England?!”

Yep. I sorta envy him studying in England. Being around English people with their adorable accents. He continued onto college with his studies while I got conscripted into modeling by my sisters. The job pays really well. Not to mention we already have Mommy’s inheritance to live off of. Apparently, modeling runs in the family. It started with Grandma Catherina. She was a total knock out, but she never got famous as Genny did. Genny’s just a total babe, she got it all. But I digress, I would continue on with my studies as well, but I feel and know that the Hunt takes priority so I decided to put most of my energy into that. Of course I still get calls from the modeling agency occasionally and I happily accept them from time to time.

Mei Lien took her leave while Cal and I catch up. I caught her eyeing him up and down and smirked a little. She may have a crush on Cal. Not something I’m worried about. All my life I’ve known Cal he hasn’t taken up a single girlfriend, and he’s definitely not gay. If he was I’d be the first to know. But I feel good around him. I feel relaxed, comfortable, even loved. Yes we love each other in the form of friendship. There are times when we feel such a strong connection for one another but that’s when I draw the line. Mommy & Daddy have warned me about such ties. Genny and Evee obviously has formed special relations with others, and ignored the advice, so what’s stopping me? Well honestly, right now, I just don’t feel it’s the right time. I know full well that in due time I’ll give my heart to someone and that someone might very well be Cal.

#4 Dark Sisterhood

Time: Night
Mood: Content
Location: Los Angeles

Growing up in a supernatural influenced family really helps so much. With Cal’s up bringing he knows what to expect and what to look for. His parents are well recognized withing the NET, his father has a knack for finding trouble, and his mother, well she’s just on another level of geniuses and prodigies. I almost feel bad that they rarely have time to get together. I can’t really say much about mine also. The life of a hunter definitely has its tolls.

But if I were to be true to myself, the hunter life must be put aside for now. I may never get another chance like this to spend time with Cal.

6 Hours later…

Cal and I were eating low calorie popcorn (since I had to keep my figure for showbiz, ha) and watching our usual Saturday night chick flick nights when my phone beeped and interrupted our quality time together. It was a text from Evee commanding me to research the “Dark Sisterhood” there must be something bigger pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Before I could say anything, Cal was already a step ahead of me, seeing my reaction and all from the text.

“Go ahead. Your sisters most likely need you. We’ll finish up next time.” he said gathering his belongings and giving me a big hug that meant so many things that I boiled down to three words: “I MISS YOU.”

He looks into my eyes intently after pulling away and smirks, “Go kick some ass!” he said.

With that said, Norman escorted Cal to the front door while Thor and I headed into the Secret Lair and fired up our top-of-the-line super computers. I log onto the NET and initiated a topic forum “Dark Sisterhood” and waited a few minutes. Norman abruptly came in with glass of ice cold chocolate milk.

“Will you be needing anything else, Little Miss?”
“Thank you Norman! And yes, please send Edward down here please.” I beamed.

I fed the rest of my low calorie popcorn to Thor who gobbled it up in heart beat when I checked on the different responses posted on my forum. Responses varied from sororities, silly clubs, cultists to a group of witches who lived in the wilderness, all possibilities but nothing concrete. There may be more than one sisterhood.

After a little while Edward joined me after he had put Paige to sleep. We had a discussion about this “Dark Sisterhood”. Surprisingly and unexpectedly, he opened up to me. He had an encounter with them in the past… not intentionally but accidentally. I was right about him… he used to work for a secret group within the Imbued that cleans up after a Raid or Hunt takes place. They don’t have a name for themselves and that’s smart because it’s one of the best ways of staying concealed. But apparently this Dark Sisterhood goes way, way, way back, perhaps medieval times during when the Salem Witch Trials took place. But one fateful evening, eight years ago after a fierce raid took place, Edward was “cleaning up” and encountered an abandoned infant, whether intentional or not, Edward decided to care for the baby as his own. The infant barely survived that night. Covered with enough linen to be hidden and enough to sustain life. As for the mother, her body was incinerated and Edward noted that she had wings as black as the night. But I noted back to him that those creatures are like tanks as told by Evee. Then it occurred to me that like all women, our most susceptible and vulnerable time is during childbirth… the creature was weak enough to be killed by a regular hunter… if I remember the stories correctly, childbirth is a curse from God to women for disobeying Him, and even immortal beings must undergo this curse and if struck at the right time, death is attainable. Then that means that Paige is…

#5 Retracing the Past

Time: Day → Night
Mood: That Time of the Month
Location: LA → TX

I took a deep breath as I stared at myself in the mirror once I finished showering. I thought maybe a cold shower could hep alleviate my symptoms but I could already feel it coming back on. Waves of pleasure just coursing through my body left, right, up, down. Raging hormones they call it. I had an overwhelming desire to be touched at certain places I dare not do, and an implicit desire to be released of this stress.I firmly grasped the sink in front of me and lower my head as if to say a prayer “please help me through this.” to hone my senses which were sharpened to its best. I could smell Thor right outside the bathroom door and hear the kid’s tv show that Paige was watching several rooms away.

Just keep moving. I thought to myself. Once I was decent, I proceeded to my room where I applied my casual amount of makeup for the day. Next, Thor and I went to go talk to Edward at the pool to see if we could organize a trip to the place where he found Paige to uncover more secrets about the Dark Sisterhood. It was a bad idea if you ask me. Edward was no abercrombie model, but he had a decent build, enough to find attractive to most women. And if that wasn’t enough, his morals, fatherhood figure, chivalrous personality made him that much more appealing to me. What are you thinking?! He’s twice your age! Yeah but that means he’s more experienced! WOW! What on earth was going on in my head?!

Thor growled angrily towards Edward when he got close to me. Thor becomes overprotective and hostile towards males whenever I’m in this state. He knows me better than anyone I know, and that’s probably because we’ve been inseparable since he was a puppy. I’ve never been with a man and I don’t plan to until I’m married. At times like this was when Daddy’s promise ring became really useful. Looking and focusing at it enables me to summon and rally my willpower in times of need.

“You alright?” Edward asked curiously.
“Uh, yes, haha! I’ll start packing so we can head out soon.” I blushed
“You’re acting strange and your dog is giving me the stink eye.”
“Yeah, don’t mind him, he won’t bite you unless you touch me.” I replied embarrassed.

With the help of Norman, I started packing for a road trip to Texas. That was were he found Paige when she was an infant. Maybe we’ll unearth more hidden clues. It was for the best that Paige stay behind along with Thor since they’ve become accustomed to each other. Thor gives me his irresistible puppy face whenever I leave him but I had to, otherwise Paige would have to come along as well. I had to be extra careful now that Thor wasn’t in my company, I might just loose control of my willpower. So it was set, Mei Lien, Edward and I were off to Texas.


Once we arrived at our destination it wasn’t to my liking. What was once a children’s hospital was now a dance club… great, a dance club. Edward decided to scope the place while Mei Lien and I checked in at the nearest motel. Once situated I waited a while since in my current state, going into a room full of attractive people was not the best idea.

Several hours has past and it was closing to 2300 hours. Something’s up. I tried his cellphone but it went straight to voicemail. There must be no reception in there or either his phone died. So I forcefully took Mei Lien with me to the club. I kind of felt bad because she was meditating… hmm I probably should take some pointers from her. Meditation may be the key to help ease my suffering through times of the month episodes.

The air was thick and heavy, the lighting was dim but no effect on me, it also reeked of nicotine and alcohol. My senses were bombarded by such things, and every female was dressed to impressed as in by barely any clothing. There were also numerous guys who caught my attention but I held Mei Lien close and used her as sort of countermeasure.

We made for the bar and asked the bartender if he’s seen Edward, he nodded and pointed towards the dance floor. I pinpointed him immediately at the center of the crowd bumping and grinding with a very attractive brunette. She was putting the moves on him! Damn she can move!

Mei Lien must be feeling like a rag doll by now but I didn’t care, I was starting to lose my patience and I needed to get out of the room before I begin having sex with everyone. Of course it didn’t help that the atmosphere was just that and the music was very sensual.

Once we made it through the crowd to Edward, I interrupted their promiscuous dancing and pulled Edward aside.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I asked him feeling annoyed and over the loud booming music.
Edward apologized for getting sidetracked and introduced us to his dancing partner, Leslie Rodgers.

#6 Meditation

Time: Day
Mood: Sexually Aroused
Location: Texas

Edward didn’t come back to the motel last night. Chances are he went to Leslie’s place… is it the age difference? She looked really good. Maybe he likes bodacious women? Brunettes? Why does it matter? I’m becoming distracted again… deep down, I long to be desired, to be needed, to be held, to be looked upon lovingly and be told that I’m beautiful. I didn’t cry that night, perhaps just longed to be a normal girl like Lacey. She can get boys effortlessly, growing up all the boys were after her.

The following day Edward hadn’t returned yet and as I much I wanted to do more investigating, I couldn’t. My body was so sensitive and tender to the touch. I was still very much sexually aroused so I asked Mei Lien to be my sensei in meditation and she was more than happy to oblige. This way, she had a meditation buddy.

Step 1: Breathing Excercises (Incense Candle optional; may or may not help others)
- Repetition of series of breathing patterns: quick, moderate, slow
- Breathing helps calm the body in stressful situations
- Fills the body of oxygen which enhances the body’s vigor and aids in the healing process. Also enables the brain to think more clearly.

Step 2: Clear Your Mind
- Just as said, think of nothing. Not an easy feat.
- Don’t think about worldy distractions, drugs, money, sex, materialistic things, etc.
- Clearing your thoughts greatly enhances your focus and able to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Focus! Focus! Focus!
- Once clarity is achieved, focus on one thing at a time, like looking through a scope on a target.

Step 4: Chanting (optional; may or may not help others)
- Greatly uplifts the soul
- Strengthens vocal cords
- Depending on religious beliefs, one may eventually commune with the spirit world or even enter the spiritual realm.

Step 5: Repeat

Mei Lien and I were in the middle of meditation when Edward came back with groceries along with Leslie. I was not expecting that at all. They were like a couple already. Edward had invited Leslie over for lunch and they were going to cook together. She seemed to be a sweet girl but she was very touchy. When introduced she gave me a big hug pressing her boobies against mine. They were at least size Ds if I’m not mistaken. She’s Texan and wish to help us, even willing to show us around. I guess during pillow talk last night, Edward must’ve mentioned the reason why we’re here. Does he trust her instinctively or just a sucker for a hot brunette? Anyhow, she worked as a bartender at the club and encountered Edward last night inquiring questions about the owner and history of the club. I suppose they just clicked eh?

After a brief tour of Texas, I headed back to the motel by myself because honestly, I could no longer stand the way they flirted with each other and all up in each other’s business. But I decided to do more research about the club that was once a children’s hospital on the internet. Reports say the building burned down several years ago, not sure whether by mishap or intentionally. Story says that the hospital was for children with unstable minds, who suddenly turned violent or possessed, or claim to see visions or hallucinations, children that had mind boggling abilities ones that send a chill down your spine.

Leslie had to work the bar again tonight so Edward and I had a chat.

“She reminds me of my late wife.” Edward explained.
“I see. She must’ve been beautiful.” I said enviously.
“Yes, and if I want Paige to be happy, I want her to have someone to call “Mommy” again." He said sincerely.

I finally saw Edward’s point of view, and I finally understood. It wouldn’t only be for himself but for Paige as well. He was absolutely right. A young girl deserves both a mommy and a daddy, just like me. I should be glad and not envious. I still have both have my parents and I thank God for that. I do admire this man.

#7 Round Up

Time: Day
Mood: OK
Location: Texas

It’s been several days since my time of the month, and my body was back to normal. I couldn’t express enough how glad and thankful I was towards Mei Lien for helping me to meditate, it really made a huge difference. I was in the middle of meditation when my phone buzzed.

“Hey RayRay!” (Genevieve’s nickname for Rachel during childhood.)
“Hey sis, how are things?”
“Everything’s groovy. We picked up a strange farm boy in Idaho. He’s definitely imbued. I’ll tell you everything in person. But listen, our next lead is in Alaska and I wanted to pass on to you the message to get everyone together and come here so we can all see aurora borealis!” she said enthusiastically. “By the way, it’s Evelynn approved.” she giggled.
“Okay…” I replied hesitantly. That’s what Genny was known for, her unpredictability and spontaneity. “Sure, sounds good! I can’t wait!” I followed up quickly realizing that this may be a good change of pace and definitely have some quality family time together.
“Oh and uh, get Lacey and Landen to come too! Please!” she begged.
“Landen’s your friend not mine, you ask him.” I teased her knowing all too well that she had a major crush on him.
“Aw come on please!”
THE Genevieve Harbinger, famous and all-star model too timid and shy around Landen?!” I teased her some more.
“I don’t know why okay, I can’t think straight when I’m around him, I’m all a mess.” she explained desperately.
“Alright, ok. I’ll ask him.” I caved and agreed to do so. I was going to anyway. She’s so cute.
“Thanks! You’re the best!”


I had asked Leslie about the club she worked at earlier on during lunch but from the sounds of it, there’s nothing unusual about the place. When I asked her about the history of it being a special case children’s hospital, she blinked at me and had no clue. I suppose the past is long gone, there’s no point in prying information from anyone anymore. Besides, now we had a change of plans and I needed to get everyone together and head to Alaska. I sent messages to its respected recipients and phoned Mommy & Daddy.

After dinner I approached Leslie and Edward who was cuddled up in front of the t.v.

“I uh, was wondering if you guys would like to join us for a trip to Alaska to see aurora borealis. A family get together has been randomly sown together and anyone’s welcome to come along if they desire to.” I said loudly in attempt to speak over the volume.

“What do you think, Leslie? If not, I’ll stay here with you.” Edward turned to his so called newfound girlfriend.
“Yeah, that would be outstanding sugar!” Leslie said with a devious smirk and winked at me.

Now for some reason out of nowhere, something struck me in a moment’s notice. Leslie’s wink got me all hot and bothered all of the sudden. I felt my temperature rise and my heart rate increasing as the seconds go by. My steady breaths transitioned to heavy panting and my virgin entrance was suddenly drenched with lust and desire as the sensational urge to have sex was back. What on earth happened?! I should be on the recovery phase? I’ve never had history when my time of the month reoccurred twice in one month. I had to excuse myself immediately.

“Are you ok?” Edward asked expressing his concern.
“Yeah. Please excuse me. I need to get some fresh air…” I said secretly in distress as I stepped outside.

What was wrong with me? Was I bisexual and was now manifesting? Could it run in the family? I swear I’m into boys. I like boys, and boys only. Never have I had feelings or interests in girls. But that didn’t solve my problem. It was much worse than before. Its intensity was lethal. I desperately wanted to be penetrated. Hard. Fast. I wanted something inside me, rubbing and grinding against the walls of my insides. My exhalation turned to soft groans and crucial murmurs.

“Please… help me…” I murmured silently in the darkness of the night outside in hopes that someone would come and ease me of this affliction. I couldn’t even focus enough to start a meditation attempt. My vision was slowly blurring. I needed to lay down. I could barely support myself up on my feet. I was slowly caressing and touching my tender spots.

That’s when I saw someone perched in the trees nearby. It was man dressed in black. It appeared like he was about to intervene but Mei Lien came out of the house and scooped me up effortlessly.

“Rachel! Come! Mei Lien fix you up quick!” she said with her broken English accent.

Mei Lien threw me onto my bed and ripped a couple linen into strands to use for restraints. She was quick and efficient. I barely had time to fully slip my fingers into my over soaked vagina. I grew frustrated and started trashing.

PLEASE MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!!!” I yelled out at her, loud enough that Edward stormed inside the room.

“What’s goi-” he was cut off by Mei Lien who threw the bedside phone at his head.
“Get out! Peeping tom!” she commanded.

Edward responded right away and shut the door behind him. Once my arms and legs were restrained to the four corners of the bed, Mei Lien ripped my clothes off and eyed vital spots all over my body. She reached for her panda backpack and pulled out 4 inch acupuncture needles and placed a handful between her lips as she begin to map out my body with her eyes. Once decided, she executed her plan of intervention flawlessly. She tactfully inserted the needles in its appropriate vital spot with minimal contact. She knew that even the slightest skin to skin contact would either set me off or escalate me further into ecstasy. It wasn’t an orgasmic release, but a different sort. Something I couldn’t explain or put into words. It just worked. I started feeling extreme relaxation and drifted off to sleep.

#8 Brace for Alaska

Time: Day
Mood: Hurt
Location: Texas > Alaska

I had a strange and wicked dream. I dreamed that I was having sexual intercourse with Ethan in such a non gentleman’s way, and I was enjoying every bit of it. I can only remember fragments of it, but I also remember that I was somehow very emotionally distraught for reasons I don’t know why. I don’t even feel that way towards Ethan nor have any form of attraction towards him anymore. I thought we had thing for each other but that was when we first met, then he met Genny of course and I became invisible. I have an attraction towards Edward, and it’s not physical. I’m drawn to his heart. He has a beautiful heart. So that dream of mine makes no sense and bothers me emotionally and mentally.

I felt sick to my stomach and on top of that I woke up naked and with acupuncture needles throughout my body. It wasn’t unpleasant, as a matter of fact, I couldn’t even feel them. I was restrained to the four corners of the bed. I clearly remember losing control over my body and just wanting to finger myself to my heart’s content, but that feeling was long gone. It would be really awkward if Edward came in right now, I have my private parts exposed and it’d be the first thing you’d see as you walk in the room, but that’s just the thing, I couldn’t move. The needles are planted at vital areas, completely immobilizing me and I still pretty much feel very relaxed, not that I don’t mind but I had to get this group moving to Alaska asap.

To my luck, Mei Lien strolled in with a bowl of chow mien and pair of chopsticks. She fed me and released me from my restraints.

“Rachel is ok now? Mei Lien help Rachel feel better. Rachel call Mei Lien next time she need help.” she said enthusiastically.
“Yes, thank you. Rachel feels much better now.” I smiled back at her awkwardly as I reached for the blanket to cover myself up.

Edward knocks and enter the room shortly to check on my status.

“Are you okay? I was worried about you.” he said looking at me.
“I’m fine.” I replied not looking towards him but towards the floor. I felt his gaze on me through my peripheral and stayed silent. He was worried about me. I felt warmth and betrayal in my heart at the same time knowing he was with Leslie. It hurt deep within and did my best to hold back tears.
“Well, I don’t mean to rush you but I think we need to start getting ready for Alaska.”
“… Yes, you’re right. Just give me a minute and I’ll start getting ready.” I replied hesitantly.

Mei Lien shoos him out of the room and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Mei Lien pats and rubs my back to comfort me.

“Rachel likes Mister Edward?” Mei Lien confirmed with me.
“Don’t tell him okay? It’s our little secret.” I said wiping my tears away.

(At the airport)

I was able to catch up with my sisters on the phone at the airport knowing full well that it always has its delays and down times. Genny and Evee are already there and maybe assisting in a raid while waiting on the rest, I just hope this Makenna is good at covering people’s blindsides. If she is the reason that any of my sisters come to harm, she’ll have to take it up with me. At least I know nothing in this world can harm Evee, but Genny, she can be a handful. That unrivaled speed of hers gets her cocky.

I caught up with Mommy & Daddy, they’ll swing by home to get Paige, Thor and Norman, they’ll be taking our private plane so we won’t have to worry about arsenal access if necessary. I also got a hold of Lacey and Landen, they’re coming as well (boy does Genny owe me big time!), even what’s her name oh Kimberly, and of course Calvin, not entirely sure but pretty sure he’s back to England to resume his studies by now…

Once on board the flight I rolled my eyes when I saw Leslie and Edward sitting together ogling one another, and across from them it’s Mei Lien and I. I let her sit window seat since she rarely flies on airplanes, and that’s when I noticed a couple of odd jocks who may or may not have been following us since we left Texas, but my hunter sense was tingling. Hmmm.

I thought I was just overreacting, but not until about 30 mins left of the flight was when things started going wrong. Screams were heard from the direction of the cockpit, and I thought I heard the growling of a shapeshifter.

Oh no.

And then more screams are heard, people started fleeing towards the rear of the plane.

“What is it?!” I asked one of the people.
MONSTER!” she screamed.

My eyes widened and my heart began pounding on my chest as I thought what I thought was really happening. I look to Edward who was attempting to calm and comfort Leslie and looking for a weapon to defend himself with. Then I turn to Mei Lien who simply nods at me.

“Mei Lien take care of this. Mei Lien is much stronger than Rachel and Edward.” she said confidently.
“She can.” Edward confirmed, “I’ve seen her with my own eyes take on 3 shapeshifters, but without any silver to work with, I don’t know how she’ll fare with those punks.”
“Don’t worry about Mei Lien!” she said with a smirk on her face. How could she smile in the face of danger? Perhaps she’s a true a hunter.
“Alright go!” I nodded. “I’ll get these bystanders to safety towards the back of the plane.”

Without warning a shapeshifter suddenly came out of nowhere charging through the aisle. Mei Lien pushed me out of the way. I couldn’t tell if I hit my head in the process but it felt like the plane was picking up speed and losing altitude.

Mei Lien muttered something in Chinese and it got the shapeshifter’s attention somehow and charged towards her.

“GO!” she yelled to Edward and I.

Edward, Leslie and I headed for the back of the plane along with any other bystanders, but it felt wrong. My stomach was churning. I have to help her. So without another thought I turned back towards the front, but that’s when I noticed out the window that we were awfully getting closer to the terrain below, and it looked like a very mountainous terrain.

“We’re going to crash! Everyone secure yourself in a seat and buckle up tight!” I yelled out loud.

Which then of course everyone began panicking and crying as they buckle down in a seat. My heart had never beat this hard before. I was terrified. I’ve walked away from many accidents but a plane crash? I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

#9 Rescue Me

Time: Night
Mood: Desperate
Location: Alaska

It surely was a very rough tumble, but here I am, in tears, crying out Leslie, Edward, and Mei Lien’s name in desperation. Hoping that they’d come to my rescue. Hoping that they were still alive somehow. The plane seemed to have been split into several sections during the crash and my section was caught between some trees overlooking a cliff. Just my luck right? And I seem to be the only survivor so far. I was wedged painfully between the row of seats I was buckled into and I felt a sharp, stabbing pain shoot up my leg whenever I attemp to move it. The irony was that the wedging of the seats was the only thing keeping me from certain death. The section of the plane I’m on was on it’s side and felt like it could fall at any moment.

All I could do was wait and hope…

#10 Rescue Me Part 2

Time: Night
Mood: Desperate
Location: Alaska

I slowly drift in and out of consciousness as my body desperately struggles to survive the harsh coldness of Alaska. I managed to grab a coat from one of the nearby passengers who passed away in the crash but was it enough?

I hear and feel the tree tremble lightly as I sense a battle taking place not too far from my location. A battle that only one can describe as clash of the titans. I clutch onto my coat a little tighter as I desperately try to maintain heat for my vital organs. I could barely feel my hands and feet as it is.

I sense people below me. I hear the faint growling of a shapeshifter and two other people. I hear the sweet voice of my sister. Oh how good it was to hear her voice. To know that they’ve come for me. I try to see but my vision has failed me. My life essence slowly ebbing away. I black out.


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