No Longer Human

#1 Lineage

Time: Morning
Mood: Excellent
Status: Idle

When I awoke I found myself in a hotel room, and not just an ordinary hotel room, but one that had first class written all over it. It was nice. To my surprise, I found Mommy asleep on a chair by my bedside. She looked weary yet peaceful. She woke up when she heard me sit up from the bed and gave me a tight hug. She told me to rest but I didn’t need to. I felt super refreshed. After learning that Aaron was in the other room with Daddy and the recent events that have occured, we all had a long discussion of what was going to happen in future events. Aaron was now caught up in the middle of a supernatural warfare, and explaining it to him was not easy nor did he take it well. All the lies and cover up we had to tell him for protection. Daddy gave him the option to either stay with me or to never see me again and Daddy will see to it personally that if he brings harm to me or any of my sisters, that there will be severe repercussions. It was difficult for both Aaron and I, but I was very glad that there was not even a hint of doubt in his decision to stay. I was very happy to say the least otherwise my heart would’ve been broken.

Mommy and Daddy have already been on the case of searching for us for the past 2 months since none of us had been in regular contact with either of them. Finding us in France wasn’t much of a challenge since Genevieve has a very famous face (that means they should still be here). Normally Rachel makes the call in account for all of us, however we’ve all been mesmerized by a much higher form of power, one that I think will no longer affect me. Both Mommy and Daddy were amazed of what I’ve become, niether of them has ever heard of such supernaturals but of rumors only. It took me a good while to get a grasp of hiding and revealing my new gorgeous extensions, I myself still can’t believe it. My parents are just as baffled as I was. This made them think hard about their ancestry of whose side of the family possessed this magnificent bloodline (if that’s the case then Genevieve and Rachel can awaken at a moment’s notice as well) or if it was simply the work of The Messengers granting me power at the call of desperation. Or, something much bigger was going on, something out of our hands, something both terrifying and immeasurable means is going to take place… this was something that was going to need very in depth study and thorough research, but Mommy can’t help the feeling that it may have something to do with her past why Grandma was murdered. Was she simply a bystander, or was she something else?

The questions will have to wait. Putting those aside for now, the search and recovery of my sisters begins!

#2 The Social Butterfly

Time: Night
Mood: Concerned
Location: France

The NET always proved to be useful when no one on your team can understand fluent French, however Daddy wanted to be discreet and keep the party small. I guess in other words, he didn’t want to jeopardize Genevieve’s career.

She was the most likeliest one we could locate the easiest and from what we’ve gathered so far is that she seems to be on an agenda of her own. Night clubs, fancy restaurants, historical monuments, famous landmarks, etc. Her most recent sighting was the Eiffel Tower a couple of days ago. Well whadya know? I’m not sure why we don’t just use her tracking system straight up, maybe because Mommy and Daddy are being cautious?

I saw Mommy the other night looking and speaking out a window and thought maybe she was saying a prayer for her daughters out there so I let her be.

It’s been difficult for Aaron and I to be intimate these past few nights especially with recent events. It was awkward and he didn’t feel right at all though I longed for it, he didn’t even want to kiss me. He’s actually been sleeping on the floor. I think that he still needs time to think things through and I understand so he left us for a while.

The following night, according to Mommy’s source they found Genevieve having a good time at a party and so we waited until she left. She didn’t seem to have company but she did bring home a girl… Daddy emphasized on why can’t she just find one decent man, and Mommy and I reminded him that there hasn’t been any since Lucas died…

They made me go first since Rachel and I were the ones she saw last, and I guess it’d be better if I walked in on her love making rather than her very own parents…so without the grody details, I walked in there and told the skank to take a hike. Genevieve did not look pleased nor surprised in any way. She asked me where Karynn and Rachel was. I told her that Karynn was not who she claim she was and I killed her. She all of a sudden threw a pillow at me as a distraction and within a second she appeared behind me with her handgun pointed at the back of my head. Her beautiful bare naked body exposed under the moonlight. She didn’t care. She was in denial and screamed angrily why I would do such a thing, and she knew well that I wasn’t the Joker kind.

Mommy and Daddy burst in as soon as they heard Genevieve’s angry voice and pleaded her to drop the gun while they drop their guns first. She points her gun towards them while she holds her combat knife with her other hand by my throat.

Naruto – Byakuya

“Baby it’s me. Daddy’s here.” were the magical words Daddy said to her.

She then became quiet and hesitant. Started trembling and suddenly broke into tears.

“Daddy I’ve missed you!” she cried as she dropped her weapons on the floor. She remembers and was back to her normal self. I covered her up with a bed sheet and we all had a family hug around her.

#3 The Genius

Time: Night
Mood: Surprised
Location: France

With our hunting party consisting of just us (Mommy, Daddy, Genevieve, and I) we set out to find our last missing family member. Knowing her she must have seen my new transformation and have prepared in advanced when we come into contact, but even I don’t fully know the extent of my capabilities, my powers remain a mystery at this point, how much more would she know? This was going to be our trump card.

From what I remember, it was only Karynn, her two brothers, a bloodsucker and a shapeshifter, Rachel and one mystery lady who gives me the shivers every time I look into her eyes. It was more than we can handle in my opinion, however Daddy seemed fully confident in Genevieve and I.

We tried calling her cellphone and that surprisingly worked. She wanted both Genevieve and I to go to two different locations alone if we wanted to get her back. She knew we wanted her back and she has taken Ethan captive and used him as leverage to get us to play by her terms. If not she threatened that she will bring harm upon Mommy and Daddy next. This was definitely not the Rachel we know…

We split up in two teams, Genevieve and Daddy go to the location she was assigned, and Mommy and I go the one I was assigned to. We all had a really bad feeling about this, but if it meant getting Rachel back we’d do anything and luckily just as we arrived on scene, I got a call from Edward who says he was back in France along with her daughter a friend, and Thor. Mommy suggested that they go to Genevieve’s location as backup.

Mommy was going to keep a lookout while I went on inside. It was a huge empty warehouse and there stood in the distance were 3 women. 2 of them I recognized, one from the raid from back then when saving Peyton. She survived the explosion, the second was the same woman I fought previously at a park, and the third was a new face. All three of them had a dark insidious aura about them.

“Let me guess… Rachel’s not here is she?” I finally asked.

“Nope, just your grave.” the brunette replied, the one that I recently encountered.

#4 1 vs 3

Time: Night
Mood: Uncertain
Location: France

I made blue-tooth contact with Mommy that we had walked into a trap as anticipated. I don’t think any of my earthly weapons were going to be of much help here.

Naruto – Heavy Violence

I felt so confident at first but that changed as soon as I felt the immense aura that these 3 beautiful women had. Each one had a wicked grin. Neither 3 of them exposed their black wings (so they can be hidden for blending-in purposes). The familiar one came at me first with a surprise attack of acid spit! It barely hit me and landed on the ground nearby, slowly dissolving the concrete. I remember well that she needed a water source to be able to use acid, but this was new, using her own spit as acid. It appeared that she needed to get close to be able to use it effectively. The new face also came at me from a different direction. She had the supernatural ability of elasticity and stretched her limbs long enough to strike me. It was all too unreal and disgusting. Though their blows don’t seem to hurt me much. The Asian girl with long black hair just stands there and observes the fight. I think she’s slowly assessing my abilities.

Eventually I am caught and wrapped up by this “elastic girl” with her body and “acid girl” comes up and does a punch combo to my face. Again, it did not hurt much at all. She begins to hack up spit to spit acid on my face but I immediately reacted and broke free with my strength, using “elastic girl’s” stretched out body as cover. This causes her to revert back to her normal shape and I can see the acid slowly eating away at her body, but it eventually stopped and began to slowly regenerate.

Needless to say, this fight was too much for me, neither of them showed signs of fatigue, and the third one continued to observe. At some point, the room suddenly became pitch black and I could see nothing but darkness. I could still hear them. Laughing and giggling maniacally in the background. That’s when I began to take serious hits from all around as well as acid burns that hurt like hell. I spread my wings and attempted to fly out of there thinking that maybe I can flee the darkness by busting out of there through the rooftop, but something took hold of my wings and I couldn’t flap them. It felt as if giant strand of rubber band held me in place and I knew who exactly was behind it. No matter how much I struggled or punched her elastic body all she seem to do is absorb the impact of the punch…

#5 1 vs 3 Part II

Time: Night
Mood: Determined
Location: France

This fight was unlike any other I have been in. It’s very likely that this may be my last…

#6 You Are Weak

Time: Night
Mood: Submissive
Location: France

Naruto – Evil

This fight was totally on a different scale, one that I wasn’t familiar to. The empty warehouse has been remodeled as a scrap yard. For as strong as I was, I could not compete with their unrealistic abilities as well as their well executed teamwork. To top it off, each one had a unique melee weapon, an unearthly weapon each, one that was magically or supernaturally whipped out of thin air. A weapon that could as a matter of fact inflict lethal damage and very well take my own life.

I worry for Mommy, she attempted to help me with sniper fire but her trajectory was easily traced by the enemy and now I do not know her status…

Now as I submissively drop to my knees in the middle of 3 dark angels, one of which its limbs have ensnared me firmly, two of which has impaled me with an ethereal sword and an ethereal spear, I come to think of how my end would come. I spew out blood from my mouth as my lungs slowly fill with blood.

“Let’s just kill her and get this over with!” I heard one of them say, but we were soon after joined by a 4th dark angel. One with a tremendous and nerve-racking aura.

Naruto Shippuden – Pain’s Theme

“Not just yet.” I heard her say as she landed behind me. “Release her.” she commanded and the 3 around me immediately obeyed her without delay. I collapsed to the ground and cough up more blood as they remove their weapons from within me. My vision began to blur and started feeling cold as if I was human again. Why wasn’t I healing?!

“Is this she? The so called Angel of Destruction?” she asked mockingly stepping into view. She was a gorgeous red head with wings as dark as ebony.

“Whose prophecy were foretold that would bring about the end of the world? IS THIS SHE?!” she continued in disbelief.

I think she got me confused with someone else. Me? A prophecy? Angel of Destruction? Now I was beginning to think that she was mad, but I just recently sprouted wings, so who am I to call her mad in this world of madness?

“Fight me! Oh Queen of Terror!” she declared as I slowly muster enough strength to stand on two feet.

I gave her one good solid punch in the face but it was I who broke. It was like punching steel glass or something absurdly solid. She gave me a backhand and crashed on the back far end of the wall.

“No angel has ever beaten me nor have come any close to my power and I have longed since for a challenge. I will claim the title “Queen of Terror”! But I suppose this isn’t a fair fight… tsk!" she shook her head in disappointment.

She ordered the 3 to pick me up, bring me to her and hold me down.


With that said she ripped my wings off relentlessly one by one.

No Longer Human

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