No Rest For The Weak

#1 I Will Survive

I’ve been in and out of consciousness several times. One time I remember vaguely being carried by someone and being shoved into a vehicle. Next, I hear everyone’s voices around me, Truman, Aaron, Edward, Jeremy, and Makena’s all frantically trying to resuscitate and stabilize me. I remember being so cold with a sharp pain on my side. I remember seeing Makena’s hands covered with my blood as she applied direct pressure on my wound then out I went.

Next I was carried up into a room and placed on a bed. I heard Truman’s voice saying that I was going to be “OK for now” then silence filled the room. A blurry image of a person tucked me in and sat on the chair next to the bed as I blacked out.

I wake up to a sleeping Makena on the chair next to my bed sometime in the afternoon the next day and helped myself up. I couldn’t. The pain was still too much. Makena heard my groans and immediately tended to my needs. She hand fed me and helped me clean all the dry blood off me. Within minutes, Jeremy came and picked me up. He said that we must keep moving.

Must be nice to have telephaty, don’t have to use a cellphone or any physical device to communicate.

They loaded me onto a van and we hit the road as soon as everyone was gathered. Truman has a few leads of where the Harbingers might be. For my sake I pray that they stop moving so we can resolve this already and help Tumaini instead.

#2 I Will Survive Part 2

After quite some time now we have finally obtained a lead on the whereabouts of the Harbingers. There was sightings of Genevieve and Evelynn Harbinger together in a downtown club in Chicago. It wasn’t much, but a good place to investigate. My wound seemed to be in better condition however I was still in a lot of pain. We have stocked up on pain killers as we traveled.

Was it a trap? How did the Harbingers manage to walk away from here? It wasn’t just your average club, it was a vampire owned club with vampire regulars, a vampire hot-spot no less. Maybe we should have given more thought about our strategy? It was too late, Makena and I were already enthralled with the club’s supernatural power. Never in my life have I looked at another woman this way before, she had a great body, fit and ripe for the taking and not just her, even the men around her were very alluring. She looked very desirable, very appetizing. Every hint of good moral value were just cast out of the mind like garbage. Every touch, every beat just enhances the erotic desire that blooms from within me…

Before I knew it, she had me pinned against the wall with her hands crawling up and down the curves of my body. Her grip was firm and the touch of her skin was smooth and soft. Her lips seductively gnawing on my ear lobe. Passion and excitement frantically ran throughout my body as she whispers “I like you.” in my ear.

What were the guys doing?! I somehow managed to think in the back of my mind. Surely Jeremy should have intervened by now unless he is heavily disturbed by the explicit thoughts of his sister. Either way, I did not want them to stop this, strangely enough I really wanted it.

Makena was surprisingly good with her hands. One groped my breast while the other has made its way up and in between my thighs. Her lips has sealed my own while her moist tongue invades the cavity of my mouth.

Out of nowhere gunshots and an explosion was heard from the upper level, suddenly lifting the spell from both Makena and I. There was mass panic as patrons immediately head for the exit. More gunshots were heard from the upper level and both vampire patrons and club members alike started arming themselves with firearms and started heading upstairs. Makena told me to bolt for the exit but I refused to leave her side. I knew that she had to help the guys and she unexpectedly tripped and disarmed one of the vampires passing her way. It was so swift that she killed the vampire effortlessly. She disposed of three more from behind until they began to notice and started return firing. She flipped a steel table and used it for cover. Two men crashed through the glass windows from the upper level and landed one on top of the other on the floor, it was Edward. The man on the bottom turned to ash and Edward made a dash for the bar while Makena gave him some cover fire. I ran to his aid but he gave me his weapon instead and started concocting molotov cocktails. I found a cache of firearms under the bar and used it to our advantage. When more vampires showed up for backup that’s when Edward started dishing out the fireworks. It wasn’t long until the fire alarm was tripped and we headed for the rear exit. A really badly wounded Truman and Jeremy merged with us there and made our way out of the club. Aaron awaited for us in the van and immediately took off once we got on board. Edward set off one final explosion as we made our escape.

#3 “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It”

Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl

Once we have confirmed that we were not being followed we checked into a motel to heal up and gather our thoughts.

Edward had minor injuries, bruises and scratches. Truman suffered the worst, a dislocated shoulder, a few broken ribs, and a cracked femur. He must have some sort of special ability to supress pain because there was no way he could have walked away from that building normally. Makena and Jeremy shared the same wounds, multiple grazed bullet wounds throughout their extremities. Nothing I could I easily fix. It was a miracle that we all came out of there alive, Makena thanked me and called me a guardian angel with a gentle smile. I felt myself blush and looked away. I’m no angel, in fact far from it with the dirty thoughts that were running through my head. I still couldn’t believe myself, I was still in denial and felt awkward.

It was awkward indeed. Us girls get to sleep in the same room separate from the boys. I tried to ignore her and pretend like nothing happened between us, but she didn’t make it any easier for me. I felt her eyes on me with lustful intent. She walked in on me while I was showering and felt me up, but I politely asked her to please stop and walked away. The torturing part was that she knew that I wanted her also, it was bad. Right before going to sleep, she spooned with me in bed, and that’s when I drew the line.

I asked her, “How can you do this, when you know fully well that your brother can see and feel your thoughts? On top of that, I have a boyfriend.”
She replied, “Yes he knows, and he can, but we’ve both learned to filter out these sorts of thoughts from one another. As for your boyfriend, I’m sorry I didn’t think you were more than friends.”
She also added that since she felt that way about me, it was most likely that Jeremy would very much feel the same way about me….

The following morning, after much debate, after seeing the surveillance videos from the club, the group decided to take extra precautions. Aaron recognized Genevieve and Evelynn but we also recognized that they were traveling with Karynn who was familiar with the club owners. Which would probably explain how they walked out of there peacefully. So we came to a speculation that the Harbingers were being “controlled”, and one last interesting bit of information was Ethan and his girlfriend Teresa was also spotted at the club accompanied by a male stranger who left right after the Harbingers appeared. This was appearing to be more complicated than it seems.

#4 “I Kissed a Girl and I liked it” Part 2

I had to clear my thoughts, my conscience. Even if I did like her, it wasn’t love, it was lust. A carnal desire of the flesh, and it would betray my love for Tumaini. Would he care? Would he understand? Would his heart be broken?

I stepped out and went to the nearest bar in town which I suddenly started to regret. As I was having my drinks a group of men noticed that I was drinking alone and they began to harass me. They were pigs, all of them! Reeked of booze and they couldn’t keep their filthy hands off me! This was what I deserved for irresponsibly leaving the group and thinking of my own free will. I tried my best to fight them off but I was done for.

“Is this how we treat ladies?” Makena asked as she made a sudden appearance. She didn’t look armed, just pissed off.

The men looked her up and down and considered adding her to their menu, but before they knew it, a fight broke out. Makena took a beer bottle and smashed it on one of their heads, instantly knocking one of them out. It became ugly real quick, one of the men were able to hit her on the torso with a pool stick. Then another picked her up and threw her onto a table which collapsed on impact. She somehow recovered quickly and started kicking ass. Her fighting moves were impressive but I think she managed to twist her ankle while executing a move, I could tell by her facial grimace, and then the table turned. She got kicked in the stomach and took a few hits to the head. She then got pinned against the wall and the men were about to molest her but Jeremy came to the rescue. He held them at gun point and they agreed to let us go with no further trouble.

Jeremy piggybacked his half beaten sister all the way back to the motel. His tone of voice, posture and the way he looked at me was different. I knew then that he liked me too.

That night when the time came for me to heal Makena in our room, she leaned in and kissed me as I was giving her the healing breath of life. It was unexpected, but found myself kissing her back, and I liked it.

#5 Feelings Aside

I must say, things hasn’t been the same since that night Makena first kissed me. My thoughts and feelings have been all over the place. She makes me feel tingly and gives me the butterflies. I try not to make eye contact with her, and when we do I feel a special connection with her…. I’m still trying to adjust to this situation, I’m not entirely even sure of myself and the fact that I still have feelings for Tumaini.

Ethan finally made an attempt to reach us and couldn’t believe it when we broke it out to him that Karynn Hokkaido and 2 gorgeous supermodels were tracking him down. What the Harbingers involvement in the Hunt we may never know, they could be Hunters for all we know, but our conclusion was that they were under the influence of vampire control.

So we all agreed to setup a trap for them and majority voted to take it overseas to cut their connections and limit their reinforcements. The destination agreed upon was France.

No Rest For The Weak

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