Rude Awakening

#1 My Teddy Bear

Time: Night
Mood: Disoriented
Location: France
Music: Barry Manilow – Can’t Smile Without You

When I first came to, I thought I had heard Aaron’s voice call out to me. I wasn’t sure until I physically saw him standing in front of me. But something was wrong? Why was I pointing my gun at him? I realized then that I wasn’t myself. My mind and body was being controlled. I fought so hard to regain control. I was literally wrestling with myself in my mind. When he mentioned “teddy bear” it triggered an emotional response within me that enabled me to win. Because he was the love of my life, my comforter and friend when I’m need. A faithful and loyal companion who understands me and waits for me. He is my teddy bear.

Once I had regained control of myself I shot that bitch Karynn and remembered about Rachel. I tried to gain her attention and in hopes to restore her memory as well.

Sierra, Makena, and Truman all came out of the bushes at once to my surprise and I actually remember them from the raid, but this must come to be a surprise for them for me to be handling guns. I suppose the jig is up, they must know that I’m a Hunter, hopefully at least they don’t know that I’m super_gurl yet.

Naruto – Heavy Violence

I should not have dropped my guard. I suddenly found Aaron and myself struggling to break free from the filthy cold hands of a bloodsucker! To make matters worse, I couldn’t use my super strength to break free, why?! Did I suddenly forget how to use my own powers for a brief moment?!

Everyone else was being attacked by a werewolf and it looks very ugly. I can only hope that Rachel may somehow come to her senses or someone else comes to the rescue.

I saw Sierra stand in the way of a full blown charging shapeshifter and bring the beast to a sudden halt. I was impressed. I didn’t take her to have such special gifts as well.

Ethan finally rose out of the fountain and simultaneously with both his weapons unloaded a clip of silver rounds at the shapeshifter causing it to flee, and the bloodsucker to break his grip on us. I took the opportune chance to fire mine as well, but he took a jump back and faded into the darkness.

We all took this chance to gather ourselves and regroup by the fountain. Edward and Jeremy also finally appeared but in critical condition. Edward has completely lost his right forearm and bandaged it with his shirt which was drenched with his own blood. Jeremy had a broken leg and had identical wounds with Makena… it was strange that once Sierra had healed her, Jeremy did not appeared healed at all. So they take the same exact damage at the same time but cannot be healed at the same time. How troublesome that is.

#2 “super_gurl”

Time: Night
Mood: Distressed → Enraged
Location: France

Naruto – Orochimaru’s Theme

What the hell are we up against now?! Our ammunition doesn’t seem to affect her and did she just turn water into acid?! Those wings on her back are very troublesome, she can use it for offense and defense. Furthermore, we were no longer fit to fight. Once Sierra reached her limit I knew this was about to turn for the worse. It appears that she hasn’t fully recovered from a past wound and is suffering the consequences of overexertion.

Ethan was right, we had to flee no matter what, if anything we needed to distance ourselves from the fountain. It appears that she needs a water source to be able to use acid. Everyone has taken some form of acid burn from her attacks and have stripped their outer most clothing. My burns are minor and I can already see them healing. I can’t afford to let Aaron take any major hits at all… everyone else is suffering I have to do something before someone… ….. ….


Hearing Makena cry set me off instantly. Without even thinking I darted towards my target with the utmost anger in my heart. There was nothing holding me back now, I didn’t care anymore, I didn’t want anyone else to die nor loose someone special. I certainly wasn’t going to lose Aaron tonight.

Ethan provided me some cover fire enough to get close and land a solid punch on one of her openings. I launched her maybe 30 feet away into some shrubbery and took the opportunity to grab the wounded and flee. I’m sure everyone saw that, they should now know of who I am.

Makena has completely lost it. Sierra was too exhausted to do anything, and the others were seriously injured from their battle wounds plus their acid burns. Ethan and Aaron had minor burns but they needed to be treated immediately. I was the only one whose wounds have already healed.

She came after us, she was high above in the air flying! She cut us off and dove right in the midst of us in an elegant spiral manner with her wings that scattered us. Everyone took a hit that brought us on the verge of dying. She didn’t appear to be angry, just amused that I possessed such a power. She slowly came towards me but Aaron stood weakly between us.

“I-I w-won’t let y-you harm her!” he declared bravely.

I yelled for him to get the others and run away but he stubbornly refused.

“How sweet.” she replied, “But meaningless!”

She takes him by the collar, pierces through his chest with her bare hand and tosses him aside.

I have never in my life been so shocked, infuriated, devastated and speechless all at once in my entire life. I just completely lost it when I screamed Aaron’s name. Something else far beyond anyone could imagine just awakened within me. I felt the earth around me tremble and break. I felt a channel of massive energy just emanate from my core and recognized a pair of new extensions of myself that made me feel so grand.

I felt like I had wings.

#3 Super Angel

Time: Midnight
Mood: Angry
Location: France

Naruto – Gamabunta

I wasn’t entirely sure how to move about and get a full range of motion with my new extensions, but I wasn’t about to dilly-dally and let the bitch kill more of us. There was an expression of surprise on her face indicating that she had not expected this at all and I liked it.

Were my earthly weapons still of use, or was I able to whip out my own? A question for later, all I want right now is to take her out so I let my instincts guide me. I have a new set of heightened senses and an incredible feeling of power surging within my fists.

I called out to Ethan and demanded him to gather the others and flee while I dealt with business.

I quickly charged at her for starters and I definitely noticed a huge change in acceleration and power. I threw a fist at her as she shielded herself with her wings, but it didn’t make a difference this time. I was able to punch right through and deal direct damage. She flew back an amazing 75-100 feet and I pursued her.

Was there a difference between us? A type or class of angels? What sort of question was that? I was really angry and enjoying myself at the same time.

She came at me and we exchanged blows but hers didn’t seem to effect me much at all. It felt as if a child was hitting me. She looked very flustered and bothered. For once, I actually made her bleed and I was thrilled at the sight of it. I had the upper hand somehow. The landscape around us were being demolished at a significant rate.

She retreated back in the direction of the fountain and I knew better than to follow. I may be stronger than her but I had wounded teammates to attend to. I turned back and to my surprise, Aaron was alive and well, standing on his feet. In his arms was a dead Sierra?

As happy as I was to see him alive, right before I reached him, my body turned off and fell unconscious.

Rude Awakening

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