Two Birds, One Stone

#1 Are We There Yet?

Time: Night
Mood: Lethargic
Location: En route to Las Vegas
Current Song: Final Fantasy IX – Steiner’s Theme

I’m bored out of my mind, I could be at home right now painting my nails. Who’s idea was this? There hasn’t been an operation like this since Daddy’s times. Don’t they have secret agents for this kind of stuff? Whatever. In the end, all I do is pull the trigger.

What should I wear tomorrow? What should I eat? They have all those all you can eat buffets, but am I going to really eat all that much? I might as well get my money’s worth. If anything the salad bar should always be my best bet. Hmm. I might as well gamble while I’m there. Damn it! I’m not old enough. Can’t even drink yet either. Oi vey!

First thing I’m going to do when I get there is to take Thor for a walk. He looks restless. Poor fellow, he deserves a treat after this.

Can’t forget about Calvin. I need to buy him a souvenir, maybe a fridge magnet? A key chain? a post card? A shot cup?

OMG! Are we there yet?!

Time: Night
Mood: Sleepy
Location: Las Vegas
Current Song: Final Fantasy IX – We Are Thieves!

Not only was I taking Thor for a walk, but I was setting up a perimeter as well. My supernatural radar was going off in all sorts of directions I almost puked. I was also speculating the neighboring buildings, possible exit routes, sniping nests, and other random possibilities.

I was tad bit hungry when I had gotten back at the hotel, so I swung by their cafeteria to pick up a snack. Fresh fruits looked good at the time and it’s not everyday I get to pick off from a silver plate.

I was really impressed by the hotel’s layouts and interior decor. They’re very good at making you feel like you’re royalty and just above the regular social norm. They even had elevator music. I really didn’t care… I was looking forward to just crashing and laying on a silk covered bed. I wanted my beauty sleep. Nothing more.

I found our suite, not the best but it was the second best suite they got, on the 35th floor. The view of the outside was just breathtaking. The city and its lights at night was just a marvel to gaze upon.

Evelynn, or Evee as I like to call her sometimes was combing her gorgeous hair in front of the mirror and had already sorted her weapons cache. I offered her some of my fruits and jumped onto my bed. I let out a loud sigh and buried my face in one of my pillows.

“Suit up!” she said. “We have to rendezvous with Genevieve.”

I groaned in response not wanting to, but I had no choice. Our sister needs us. So I took my case and started sorting my munitions.

Shortly right after I had just organized and suited up, Evee looks at me firmly and I understood her somehow. We packed our bags and split.

FFXIII – Will To Fight

I rested my rifle across the hood of Evee’s car and monitored our surroundings as she made her way to the cabin. I don’t know what came over her, but she all the sudden just punched the door in. It was a poor decision. Right away, gun shots were fired upon her. I received word via headset to cover for her so I did what I do best. I peer through the scope and punched a hole through a man’s chest coming out from the back room. I spotted a second man hiding behind the sofa so I adjusted position and spilled his brains out. Then something was wrong. I was signaled to cease fire and go around back. Once I had successfully sneaked in I heard a gunshot and somebody falling onto the floor. I had hoped it was the opposing party but it was Evee who took a bullet to the chest. I was infuriated and smacked the bitch from behind the head relentlessly.

#2 Uggs

Time: Morning
Mood: Relieved
Location: Las Vegas
Current Song: Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Evee tends to get so reckless sometimes that I worry for her well being. This could’ve have gone a bit better but oh well… it’s in the past and I’m not proud of what I’ve done. Once I knew in my gut that the men I killed were fellow Hunters, I felt uneasy and sighed with burden. I looked down at their corpse and mouthed a silent prayer.

I checked Genni’s (Genevieve) vital signs and they were good. She was out cold. Heavily drugged with I don’t know what. I was glad that my sister was in one piece or otherwise I would’ve gladly put a 50 cal through this woman’s head myself with no remorse, or better yet beat her head with my fists til the white meat comes out.

My intuition insisted that we shouldn’t stay else we’d answer to some bigger and badder folks with guns. We were in no condition for more gun fights, and I wanted both my sisters out of harms way.

We headed back to our suite and our excuse for two unconscious women in our company was simply too much booze. They bought the story and we continued with an interrogation once our hostage gained consciousness. She was preposterously calm with a smirk on her face. Evee’s patience grew short and sooner or later she’s going to start inflicting pain.

It was almost 6am, and Evee retired for the night. I too was nearing exhaustion. I’ve been wanting to sleep since we got to Vegas and I just want to wrap my body in silk. I doubly made sure that our captive was secured in one of the bathrooms that not even Houdini himself would be able to escape. One thing though that stood out to me about her attire was her uggs… they were an unusual style but I let it go. I overlooked Genni’s condition one last time before going to bed and I couldn’t help but feel that she was given more than just a simple tranquilizer. I guess we’ll find out when she awakes.

Time: Morning
Mood: Observative
Location: Las Vegas

Neither of us were experts on extracting information by force or by way of inducement especially towards a female, maybe a male but only Genevieve had that talent for both. My concern grows every hour that passes not knowing her condition. Could she really be in some form of deep sleep? I finally resorted to telling Mommy of our current situation, I thought maybe her childhood friend may be of some use, but she needed a physical diagnosis. A description wasn’t enough, so Mommy gave us the permission to take Genni to the nearest hospital if our prisoner continued to resist.

We took breaks in between, but we spent the entire day trying to break her. We weren’t sadists or serial killers who would torture their victims under a blade of any sort. So we did it as humane as possible. Evee did it, I couldn’t do it. I just watched, but no matter what we tried, she was unshakable. Solid as a rock. Could she be ex-military? Trained to endure such affliction. It wasn’t anything extreme. Maybe we’re too soft? Evee has never shied away from drawing blood and the only thing keeping her from executing is the unknown circumstances about Genni.

The mental strain on our side of the party were beyond its peak. Evee took some time to leave and drive around to blow off some steam, leaving Thor and I behind with what we have figured out to be a “Triple H”.

Final Fantasy X – Jecht Battle

The night grew older and Evee hasn’t returned yet. I had just slipped into my night gown and getting ready for bed, when Thor started growling towards the door. Instantly in one sweep motion the doors burst open catching me off guard and a werewolf belts me clearly across the room where I crash upon the wall of the opposite side. Thor instinctively attacks the beast in defense and merely gets swatted to the wall. I stagger back up to my feet as quickly as I can, attempting to reach for whatever weapon I can scrounge up nearby. No luck. The sight of Thor infuriated me. My fists begin to resonate with tremendous heat and energy as I felt my anger rose. It swipes at me with its gigantic hand like paw, I almost inconceivably duck out of the way, giving me an opening to uppercut the beast right on its jaw. I follow up with a hay-maker but the beast barely stumbles. It shakes it off and punches me back in retaliation. I wasn’t so lucky this time and I take the hit head on but I was able to block with both my arms. I felt my arms shatter in several different locations as I am once again hurled across the room but this time the flat screen met the flat of my back. I was done. I felt my shoulder and ribs give out as well when I took that hit. I was in so much agonizing pain, I could hardly move at all. Finally, the shape-shifter stands over me, tilts its head to get one final look at my body and licks its lips. Sick bastard. I couldn’t believe I was going to die this way. I’ve had a good run I thought. But just when I thought it was over, just when I thought it was the end, the monster coughs up blood and instantaneously gets torn apart from the inside as a fist of fire engulfs it in flames.

Two Birds, One Stone

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