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Note that picking a certain chronicle will not guarantee the survival and well-being of your Hunter. Each chronicle is a piece of tapestry that is woven together to form one big picture. They will come across each other once or multiple times to give the player a chance to work with both Harbinger and Sinclare Sisters or come across an SFO Agent or Demon Hunter. The outcome could be catastrophic depending on how the NPCs are engaged throughout the Hunt.

Harbinger Chronicles (Hunting Grounds: Los Angeles area)

  • For those who earnestly seek to vanquish the Darkness. (Not for the faint of heart)

Sinclare Chronicles (Hunting Grounds: New York area)

  • For those who are Merciful yet desire to Punish evil.

SFO Chronicles (Hunting Grounds: Global)

  • For The Secret Elite and The Quiet Professionals that work behind the scenes.

Demon Hunter X Chronicles (Non-playable)

  • For those who follow the Mystic & Ancient Ways of Martial Arts and use them against evil.

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